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  1. Maybe I am the only one that has had problems but I am just wondering has anyone had any drama on Tokidoki_it? I posted some of my bags on there and a link to my blog. Well, I was told some of the pics weren't that big. So, I posted 5 pics on the post on tokidoki_it. Well, I get this email from a mod saying can't have that many pics, but she was like very rude about it. Not nice just like you either do this or I am deleting it. So, I thought I would write her and I wrote her a comment on her blog that she should be nicer when telling people stuff. Then she goes on this tirade on my email account like that this is the rules and she is a MOD. Maybe that is true but she is not dictator. Well, then she is like you are lucky I am in a good mood, or I would block you. She then posted on there about this situation then took me off. How can they have that much power, telling you not to comment on anything. What kind of society do we live in anyway???? If you want all the details just pm me.
  2. were the pics under a cut?
  3. I'm guessing the pics weren't under the cut if the mod did that because lots of people have alot of photos...but under, so yeahh. If I were a mod of that I'd just tell the person..and if they didn't listen, I'd just delete it. But, that's just me. IDK...I hope you can work it out some way.
  4. NO, i didn't have them under the cut. but, i did change the post and left only one pic. but i thought to write her and just tell her how rude she was. the point is her behavior towards me, sometimes is not what you say but HOW you say it. also many other people had done it also. not saying it is an excuse but i think i was targeted.
  5. I think she got angry because (if her mod post is true) you went and commented in her personal journal, instead of contacting her privately.

    We shouldn't even be talking about LJ communities here, though.
  6. well, i didn't say anything mean. just that she should lighten up but i guess you are the MOD here and decide what everyone talks about
  7. I'm not a moderator here, but we are not allowed to discuss other communities or forums here.
  8. Just as common courtesy, it's not really a good idea to comment on mod journals about communities they post, unless they explicitly say to. We're not mods here either, but we all need to adhere to the Terms of Service that the creators have made, and that includes no posting other blogs outside of tPF, livejournal included.
  9. blub blub blub on the whole ordeal... it's normal :smile: feel better that you're not alone and continue posting toki goodness *HUGZ*
  10. you should have thought to write her privately instead of on her journal. She may have been wrong in how she spoke to you...but you were just as wrong, & more childish in my opinion if her mod post is true.

    anywayzzz this is over and done with
    && the rules here say we cant talk about this.
  11. Anyway, all that I can say is I am glad I live in the United States, and also that many people in these forums don't run the world- what a censoring dictatorship that would be. As for those who say that we shouldn't be talking on this topic why do you keep posting then???? (read the two repeat offenders). I know this by now. So, why don't YOU FOLLOW the rules and stop posting? Or do you just like to be hypocrites?;) -Do as I say not as I do- I am so starved for power I need to have the last word even though it is illegal and against the forum rules that I preach for everyone else to follow. Are you two above the forum rules as well? Does this make sense to anyone else?
  12. ack! Let's not slam another blog or Forum here please:nogood:
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