Need to Vent about my Boss and vacation time!

  1. UPDATE...

    Just felt I should let you all know that I did talk to him. Yesterday I sat down with him and just explained to him what my plans were for next week and if the need arose for him to call me and I was in town I would do my best to find a sitter for my son and come in but to not expect me to be in right away. I would need more than 5 minutes notice in other words. And I informed him that while I was out of town I would have access to the internet, fax machine, copier, printer, etc if something needed to be done. I would also periodically check my email while I was out too. He seemed really okay with this and advised me that he felt 95% sure that he would not need me and would not need to call.
  2. good for you!! now hopefully he'll feel really guilty calling you unless it's super, super important. enjoy your vacation!
  3. glad everything work out for you Jenn. I still think days off should be days off completely, but it sounds like he had you in a Catch 22, if you didn't use the days, you would lose them. I guess lesson learned for next year, try and take them off before so you don't end up in that position again. Hope you had a great holiday and the wedding went well.