need to vent a little!

  1. the other day i ordered an ergo denim indigo patchwork it's the issue...they also have the same bag in on the indigo bag there is a yummy purple suede patch and i thought i saw a green patch on the khaki one and told SA that it looked green to me (green is my FAV color)...SA said no...anyway, i did some more research and found that yes, in fact, there is a green patch on the khaki now i have to drive back to the store (40 minutes) to return the indigo patchwork bag and order the khaki/gold one.....arrgghhh...
    thanks for letting me vent!!!!:wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  2. -hugs!- I feel your pain! But I love the indigo patchwork.

    I've already been to the store once today to order my Crimson Signature Stripe Tote and now I have to go back to have that freaking turtle because I can't stop thinking about the thing!