Need to trim down my bag collection

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  1. I have to downsize. Which would you sell a black bolide 31 or an etoupe evelyne GM?
  2. etoupe evelyne GM
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  3. Etoupe Evelyne GM
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  4. etoupe evelyne!
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  5. evelyne.
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  6. Sell the etoupe evelyne . I think that the bolide holds more value in the long run .
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  7. Another vote for the Evelyne as the Bolide also has the crossbody option as well as the handheld.
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  8. I haven’t had either of those bags but the Bolide has been on my radar due to the top handle and crossbody option.
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  9. Bye bye evelyn
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  10. Def Evelyn!
  11. Evelyne too
  12. Evelyne
  13. I’ve owned both bags, and sold them evelyne first, then the Bolide, lol. Both are too heavy!
  14. The Evelyne. Because it’s a GM, and I find that size overwhelming on me.
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  15. Evelyne because it’s GM. Otherwise the Bolide and Evelyne pm are my two faves