Need to ship back to seller...

  1. I bought a dress on eBay that was stated as never been worn with no stains. I received it today finally (it was delayed b/c she claimed she wrote an incomplete address). The dress was clearly worn. There were many many stains on it.. looks like makeup stain? I told her about it, and she seemed nice and apologized. She said she checked it and didn't see anything. She did try it on and then washed it b/c she always washes clothes before wearing it. She said she def didn't wear it but then again she has 2 roomates so maybe they borrowed it. Anyway, she said I can try washing it myself if I want to keep it or send it back to her. What do you guys think? Should I just send it back? She gave me the return address but it's not the same as where she shipped it. Should I be concerned? I mean when I ship things, sometimes my husband takes it for me if the box is too big, so it would be under his name and company address. I'm just worried if I send it back, she keeps it and money. Could that be possible?
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  3. In order to cover yourself, I would file an item not as described claim. Note in the description that you want to return the item. That way you're covered under eBay policy. Do you want to try washing it first or not?
  4. When you ship, always use signature confirmation so she claims that she didnt get it back.. before you ship it back I would go ahead and open a dispute so that there is some kind of record on file, with either paypal or eBay.. so youre coevered and she cant claim like she never recieved it
  5. I'm definitely not going to wash it. If she said she washed it before trying it on and the stains are still there, then I doubt I can get it out. So file the dispute and then send it back? File it w/ paypal or Ebay? I actually never filed a claim w/ Ebay before. I tried calling Paypal to let them know the situation and ask them what I should do, but I was on hold forever, so I never got to speak to anyone.
  6. I wouldn't wash it, she could claim you did something to it. Send it back exactly as she sent it to you.

    File a SNAD with paypal, and send it back with a DC#. You will not be reimbursed for the cost of shipping it back to her, but you will recieve your original shipping cost back. If you ship it back without filing through paypal she will probably just refund your purchase price.