Need to share this...hubby's discovery!


Sep 6, 2006
While we were on a family outing today hubby casually mentioned that he wasn't surpried anymore why I don't get much done at home lately...

Even if he was haert nearly stand still.
But calmly I asked him what he was talking about?!

So he said all smile that while "cleaning up" the computer he stumbled over pics of my bags hanging on our tree...!:wtf: :shame:

He discovered my "Balfamilytree". And I thought I had been so careful...

My two daughters and hubby burst out laughthing! :sweatdrop:
they knew I was bagnuts but now they have formal proof !
By the way he didn't say anything concerning my new "familymembers"...:sweatdrop:
Now they can come out of their hidingplace!

So I'm the official laugthingstock of the family.