Need to return CL Very for what? HELP!


Which pair should I get?

  1. Mary Janes

  2. Yoyos

  3. Simple Pumps

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  1. So a few weeks ago, I bought my first pair of dream shoe, classic black calfskin Very Prives. I was head over heels in love with them. However, weeks later, I still have not worn them out. It keeps slipping out from my heel, probably because the heel is pretty hefty. I tried heel liners, but they push my feet too far into the already-narrow toe box and make it painful to walk past 30 seconds. Even if I could wear them, I wouldn't be comfortable wearing them at my very casual office...which leaves weekends and nights, where I would generally be out with my bf. I'm 5'6, he's 5'10...with the VPs, I appear much taller than him, which is a nono :sweatdrop:

    ANYway, it is with great sadness i realize i didn't pay $800 to have such gorgeous shoes sitting in my closet. if i have a pair of shoes i adore, i want to wear it ALL the time. soo...i'm going back to Saks tomorrow to exchange 'em...but i don't know for what! i'm really dying for a pair of louboutins, so i think i'm stickin' with that. Please help me choose from the below! (of course i would be getting them in black calfskin, not patent)

    Mary Janes


    Simple Pumps
  2. I vote for the simple pumps! I LOVE the yoyos, but if you are looking for something to wear to the office, for the weekends, or for running errands, I think these are the ideal pumps. I think those yoyos are HOT, but I would pick the simple pumps because it is the all time classic Loubie. The heel is only 85mm so you will appear shorter than your bf.
  3. hmm is it just me or are the heels on the yoyo and simple pumps different? the one on the simple pump seem that just me? how high is the yoyo in this picture? i always thought it was also 85 mm?

    btw just noticed your cute is your puppy??? :girlsigh:
  4. I love all of them-but my favorite's the mary janes.
  5. I think they are both 85mm. The yoyo has the sculpted heel and the simple pump has the straight skinny heel. I personally dislike the sculpted heel, but I love the gold peep toe!

    Haha thanks! Buddy is wearing his halloween costume. He is a firetruck!
  6. Rainy - my vote is for the simple pumps for 2 reasons, it is a great classic shoe that will never look dated, and they are extremely comfortable. I am talking about sneaker type of comfort. I usually wear 100mm simple pumps to the office and I absolutely love them, I walk around the city all day and my feet don't hurt in them at all.
  7. Louboutin shoes also come in many different heel heights, so you have the option to get the simple pump or yoyos in 85mm, 100mm, etc.
    I think 100mm is the best, it's not too high but gives you the perfect lift. I am pretty short so I could use all the added height.
  8. I wanted the 100mm one, but the 85mm was on sale at Barneys so I snatched that one instead. I am planning to get the 100mm one too. Like Kamilla said, they are VERY COMFY and they will never look "dated".
  9. I voted for the simple pumps too! They're classic and oh-so-comfy. One thing I've notice about my simples is that they're just a wee bit slippy in the heel on me. :smile:
  10. gasp....sneaker type of comfort in a 100 mm pump??????? wow, that's a deal clincher :p:graucho:
  11. I think they fit the same way as the Very Prives. I own a couple pairs of VPs and I have never found them painful!! That is so weird. Did you go up 1/2 a size? Maybe you need to go up 1 whole size and add an insole? One of my VPs are pretty tight but when I went up that extra 1/2 size, it slipped off but I added the gel insole and its perfect!
  12. yup, i tried many sizes on in the store, and i sized up 1 whole size. i tried the insoles and the heel liners but nope either too tight or the heel slips off...sadddddd....

  13. The yoyo zeppas in this link fit very similarly to the very prive, so it may not be a good fit. But perhaps try ordering them and see if these are better for you.
    The best thing to do with CL shoes is keep trying until you find the perfect pair, and then you will be hooked.
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