Need to replace shoulder strap...

  1. I lost the shoulder strap for my bbag & I'm looking
    to replace it. I don't mind getting a knock off strap
    for is tight currently.

    Anyone know of any online stores that sell replacement
    straps & stuff like that? I checked eBay but couldn't
    seem to find anything :/
  2. What color?
  3. i wouldn't buy a knockoff, as the bales are an authentication issue
  4. It's a Caramel City
  5. Try calling Balenciaga main office, maybe they could sell you a replacement. But What ever you do don't buy a knock off strap like ladyisobel said the bales will be wrong and it will make a nice bag look fake:yucky:
  6. It doesn't matter to me if the bag looks fake to others.
    I know it's why care?

    I just want a strap until I can afford to purchase a real
  7. There used to be sellers of straps and mirrors (fake) on eBay and yahoo auctions - they're gone now. I can't find any place that sells anything like a replacement.

    Have you checked to see how much a replacement costs? I'm sure they won't sell you a strap without you proving that you have an authentic bag - so you'll have to go in, I'm guessing. Anyone know?

    Otherwise, you'd have to purchase an entire fake bag to get a fake strap.

    What color?
  8. I can't go in, as I ordered this online.

    It's a Caramel City.
  9. what are the chances of getting the correct shade if you get a fake though? and if you ever decide to sell the bag it'll cause you no end of hassle,i would ring balenciaga to at least enquire how much a real one would be , you never know, it might be less than you think:smile:
  10. Maybe its better to sell it on e-bay with no strap for less???????????????????????????????????????????????
    And look for a new one for yourself.
    Are U from FRANCE???????????????????????????????????

    BYEBYE FX:heart:
  11. I agree.
  12. I agree... I doubt you will find a fake strap can match the colour of your bag...

    I would contact Bal directly and tell them your situation.
  13. If I decide to sell the bag I will obviously mention the
    strap is missing & not sell it with the fake strap.

    It does not have to be an exactly perfect color match.
    I love my bbag & bbags in general, but I bought it for
    myself, not to for it to be pleasing to the eye for others.
    I'd like to have a shoulder strap...even if I explain that
    I lost it to Balenciaga, I'm sure whatever they will charge
    me is much more than I can pay right now.

    I'm simply looking for a place that sells comparable
    knock-off straps....but I guess one is proving hard to
  14. As this is not a place that promotes/supports knock-offs, I think it's hard for anyone to help you out cos we simply have no idea which direction to point you in....except ebay of course. lol!!
  15. You should call Bal never know what the price will be until you ask AND even if it's too much right now, you'll know what it is for the future. And also ask about the process, so you'll know if you have to send the bag in for color matching/authentication and how long it will take.

    Maybe instead of getting a different color strap, you can use a chain, or twist a pretty scarf and tie it around the rings...I'm just trying to think of ways to do it that won't cost any money at all (you might have a chain belt or a scarf at home) and that won't look as odd as having a mis-matched strap. Though you could always get a strap in a complementary color, like red or black.

    Just some thoughts.