Need to refurb my speedy 25

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  1. My speedy 25 is in need of repairs, mostly new handles. Not sure whether I should send it into LV NYC or buy the handles myself. Not even sure if they do that. I have had one bag repaired there before, but I dropped it off when I was in the city for a wedding. Anyone ever send in a bag for refurb/cleaning, etc.
  2. i brought my speedy in to the lv at saks in nyc when i first got it (it was new to me but used from ebay). i needed to replace the pull tab. took about a month and cost 25 dollars. they were very sweet and called me when it was ready to pick it up.
  3. I just recently got new handles, chads (where the handles attached) and pull tab. It was $145.00 and took about 9 weeks. It was gorgeous when it came back - looked brand new.
  4. Thanks. I will ship it to them after the holidays. I figure it's a zoo right now. ~hugs~
  5. ^yes, I recommend that. Not a speedy, but I had a bucket was sent in to be relined. It took about 3 weeks; they did a really good job for me. I'm thinking about sending in my noe for repairs around your time as well.
  6. Charleston mom, it was only $145?! That's not bad! I thought it'd cost more than that! Sounds great! :yes:
  7. Here's pictures of my speedy after it came back from its $145.00 facelift - isn't it pretty?!!!

  8. Beautiful!!

  9. What a great price. What about the vachetta trim, was that replaced too? I wonder if it might look odd if that was not replaced as well?

  10. My bag wasn't too old (less than a year), so the piping wasn't really dark. You couldn't really notice it. It really did turn out nice.

  11. Looks beautiful! I can't wait til the handles on my azur get dark so I can have them changed too! :P Thanks for the pics!
  12. It costs to much to replace everything - trim included (apparently that's the most expensive thing to replace since they need to take the bag apart)- LV wanted to charge me $465+tax (Canadian) in Montreal.
    So I want to change only the tabs and the handels and I also wonder how it will look since it"s a 20 yo Spedy and it"s dark caramel but I just hope that it will not be THAT noticeable :confused1:
  13. i brought my speedy 30 in to the boca raton LV boutique to have a new pull tab put onto it, they had it done in 10 mins and at no charge! I wanted the handles done too, and they recommended against it. One of the women loved the color of the patina of the bag and handles so much she said she wouldn't let me change the handles until I took a full month to think about it.! As much as I would like new, fresh handles (i hear its about $100), I really appreciate my older, patina'd bag. It definitely sets the bag away from all the fakes I come in contact with! She is beautiful in her own right.
    can you post a pic of your handles? how bad are they? or do you just like the bright new leather?
  14. Hi - I don't know if your post is a reply to mine or to the OP but I'll answer anyway :P
    The handles are very bad... dark and dirty (I've baby wiped them but... still dirty) and the real problem are some bad spots on the chads (like grease) and they seems to get bigger. I like a bag with a nice patina and I'm not mad about the white/fresh looking vachetta but seems like I have no choice.
    I just bought my digital camera so as soon as I will figure it out I'll post some pics.
  15. You're so lucky! I've always wondered if my local LV store would do it on the spot or if they would send it away for repair and if it'd take weeks...