Need to rant!!!

  1. I bought a Chloe small hobo-style Paddington in tan, from the 05 season, for USD500 (530 including shipping) a couple of weeks ago and just got it yesterday. Although it was described as excellent and used only a handful of times and in great condition, I normally do not expect too much, especially if it is from a year ago and in a highly-wearable colour such as tan. And the low-ish price already made me suspect it is probably slightly worse for wear. The photos on the listing showed the interior lining (beige), but is too small to show up any marks, but I did not see anything significant like a huge ink stain or anything.

    So... when I got it and inspected it, I was not the least bit surprised to find it has definitely been well-abused. There were lots of tiny pen marks of all colours all over the interior lining, which was also full of lint and grey dirt. There were tiny pen marks on the leather as well, but in places that are not too noticeable. Of course, there are scratches and the handles have softened and gone slightly wonky. All these I can stomach – just thought a professional clean was all it needed. More importantly, it was a genuine Chloe, which was a huge relief.

    But... imagine my horror when I looked inside the external front pocket and found what looks like the remnants of a melted toffee at the bottom of the pocket! :wtf: The stained areas (2) are larger than a US silver dollar, or a GBP 2 coin. It had stained the fabric lining, but surprisingly, not the leather.

    My immediate thought was to e-mail the seller and ask for an immediate refund because the item is definitely not as described. But I have not had much luck with this seller, who usually takes at least a few days to respond. I then called my bag cleaning service and asked whether they had any experience removing melted candy from bags, and apparently, it is a more common occurrence than I imagined. Anyway, they said they should be able to do it, except there might be a wet mark left on the lining.

    So, I decided to let the matter go and sent my bag for cleaning. I did not even bother to take photos. I know I can file a dispute (I paid with my credit card through PayPal), but it just seems so much bother – life is too short to get hung up about a handbag when there are greater problems (e.g. my father had survived a heart attack, bladder cancer, and just went through a kidney transplant). I did e-mail the seller and told him about the toffee and ink marks and dirt, but left him a positive feedback anyway, although I did mention that the item was not as described, but acceptable given the low price.

    I hope now that my cleaning service can remove that toffee and get the bag fairly clean. I will just use it as a rough-and-tumble bag, and once it gets too worn, send it to the Salvation Army. I have learnt my lesson and when I see a listing without really detailed description and photos, I will e-mail the seller in advance and ask about defects, so that it would make it easier to file a dispute later if I had to.

    Just had to rant a little. Thanks for reading :flowers:
  2. Well I hope you are feeling better and sorry this has happened to you.. sometimes its good to get it out. I hope your dad is doing better:flowers:
  3. I am sorry about your unfortunate experience.

    It is just a shame how careless people keep their bags. I am a fanatic when it comes to keeping clothes, shoes, and bags in tip top shape. Therefore, I cannot stand getting anything in that neglected condition as you described. So sorry.

    Since I am easily turned off by old and dirty items, I limit my eBay finds to new or like-new condition. Your great idea of asking the seller for lots of photos really helps confirm acceptable condition. Great idea!
  4. Sorry to hear about that. I bought a bag on ebay once that was stated as NEW but when I got it, it was obviously used and reaked of smoke. Fortuantely the seller refunded my money when I sent it back including shipping. Another time I got a bag that was stated as new which it looked like it was but it had a broken bead. The seller said it may have happened during shipping. She offered to pay to have it repaired but I never followed through with it since it wasn't noticable and I didn't want to go through trouble. But at least she offered.

    Maybe you can email the seller and tell him you had to have it cleaned. He may offer to pay for it if you send a copy of the bill.
  5. 2 things that will NEVER make it into my bags, candy and pens. I had a pen leak in a Coach bag a few years ago and I dont carry pens anymore. I'm glad you were the bigger person and still left the seller pos feedback, not too sure I would have handled it as well as you did. Props to you for that! I hope you enjoy your bag. Bags like that are great for weekends when you know it will get thrown into the front seat of the car (and occasionally miss and hit the floor) and the shopping cart, etc. I need to find a knock around bag too.:heart:
  6. That's so disappointing. Why can't sellers be honest about the condition of their items? I've received things that smell of smoke, which I can usually air out. Now I ask, and if they don't respond, I don't bid. Once I won a Kate Spade tote that was listed as "new", but I found used make-up in the zip pocket. Since it was otherewise clean and authentic, I didn't fuss, but it still annoys me that it's such a crap-shoot for buyers.
  7. Oh boy that is terrible, i am so sorry :sad:
  8. So sorry to hear this :'(
  9. I hate it when sellers are not honest about the conditon. You should be able to trust what they say.