Need to rant / resolution of dirty shoe case


Feb 16, 2007
This is a continuation of the "How long do SNAD cases last?" so mods if you would like to delete the previous thread.

So, long story short, I filed a SNAD claim on a horribly filthy dirty, nasty pair of shoes.

FINALLY, after waiting 30 days, Paypal sent me an email that said I would be entitled to a refund if I sent it back to the seller.

They gave me an address, and I shipped it off. I used delivery confir. and everything.

The address that was listed as the seller's was INVALID and the package is being returned to me! So, Paypal asked to see the receipt that showed that I sent the package.

I faxed it. Waited.

Now, I got a resolution letter today saying that my tracking information was INVALID and I wasn't entitled to a refund! :cursing::cursing:

What? It is NOT my fault that the address listed was invalid.

Can I appeal this? What should I do?

I am so upset right now, this doesn't make any sense. :wtf:


Its still me...
Mar 4, 2006
:confused1: That is so bizarre - I presume the address you posted it back to was the one they registered with?

I can't see how that can be - but then paypal is just strange, I hope you get it sorted:smile:


Feb 16, 2007
Yes. Paypal sent me a letter saying you are entitled to a refund if you send the seller the package at : XXXX address.

I did. I don't understand why it is MY fault that the address is invalid. I had to spend $7 to send it back too.... :cursing:


Apr 18, 2006
I always saved the original shipping box until I am 100% sure everything is alright. There is once I had a SNAD case and the seller wouldn't give me her mailing address. I followed the original shipping address, Yahoo Map it to make sure it is a valid address and mailed it.

I would suggest you give PayPal a call. Hopefully you will get your money back soon...


Nov 14, 2006
keep calling them , being pushy and demanding to ask with a supervisor and manager ... we saw a good few times on the board that being persistent and rude even with paypal is one of few things that might actually work ...the only thing is the call might be pricey, i dont know what the value of the shoes was , is it worth spending even more money on the calls?