Need to RANT about DHL shipping!


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Dec 24, 2006
Ok, you know what... when you are a SHIPPING company why is it SOOO hard to keep track of packages and deliver them when PROMISED?!!?!? Why do I pay EXTRA for expedited shipping when you have NO PLANS what-so-ever of getting something to me in the time I PAID for you to deliver it.

UUUGGGHHH!!!! DHL!! PLEASE, if at all possible just avoid this shipping company. seriously, I am almost in tears right now. :sad:

Here's the pre-story..... It's 2002 and Daniel has gotten me an awesome engagement ring. Kay Jewelers had to send it out for resizing, promising it would be back one week before our engagement party. Ding, ding, ding.... 3 days before... no ring, excuses from DHL, one Kay's store manager freaking out, two upset lovebirds, and an forthcoming engagement party. YUP, DHL LOST the package that contained my sized engagement ring!!! It was eventually "found', but the Kay's store in Wellington, Florida didn't receive it until 2 weeks AFTER my engagement party. :ohmy: :mad:

Let's fast forward to present day.... :glare:
Daniel buys Wishy an amazing Christmas gift that she REALLY REALLY wanted. Turned out to be a national search for one "in stock," which was finally located in a San Francisco Nordstrom's store. AWESOME sales lady in the Short Hills store located it, took payment over the phone, and San Fran. Nordi's shipped it next day... via, guess who??????? :mad: DHL !!!

Nordstroms provided Daniel, and well me, a "DHL tracking number" in which I've been using the past week & a 1/2 to watch my shipment with the eye's of a purse-salvating eagle. Nordstroms assured us the package would arrive in 5-7 business days, well, guess what... for the past FIVE days DHL has been reporting on it's tracking web-site that the package is "in transit through sort facility." CALLED DHL this evening and customer service rep. said, "well it's definately a matter of concern b/c packages shouldn't be sitting in a sort facility for more than 2 days." Umm, you know what buddy, I'm concerned too." :glare: He proceeded to tell me that his computer is giving no more information that what I see and has to send out a MESSAGE to the "sort facility" in FRESNO, CALIFORNIA to SEARCH (yes, SEARCH BY HAND I SAID) to "locate the package."

Someone is SUPPOSED to call me tomorrow. :mad:

Ya know what, what the :expletive:?????? Seriously, I gave them a couple days slack cause of the holidays now you are telling me you CAN'T find it and have to contact someone to SEARCH the sorting facility in FRESNO CALIFORNIA?!???!?!?!

omg. :sad: :mad: :sad:

(sorry, I feel better... well, sort of. :Push: )
I'm sorry you have to deal with this...but yes, I hate DHL!!! They are the worst! If you do a search of DHL, you'll find several people complaining about them. I would never deal with them, ever, and if a seller only offers this shipment method, I'm skipping the sale.
All shipping companies have problems but yours sounds horrible.....I would be so angry and the customer service on the phone gets you no where.
I placed a order for my best friend for Aeropostale clothing for her grandson to have for Christmas---she doesn't have a computer--her grandson picked out the clothing gave her the info. and I did a online order. So we are waiting and waiting and no package for Christmas. Then USPS tracking on Aeropostale says it was delivered the 23rd...... NOT-they live on 5+acres and are home so if a package goes to your door you get it. USPS online tracking has no record of it..... USPS by phone computer can't track it, glitch in the computer 4 times when I called. She did it by American Express so she will get her $$ back but the sad thing is this is what she wanted to get her grandson for Christmas and I am sure now the stuff he picked out is not available--so she was depressed and I am sure her grandson was looking forward to his new clothing.
I have had many boxes delivered to my house that belonged to other people, I think how can they make so many mistakes. Once I had a chair in a box sitting on my front porch that should have went to someone 2 streets away.

Good luck and I hope your package arrives soon.
I've had nothing but HORRIBLE experiences from them. They throw my stuff wherever they please... ditches, middle of our 5 acre lot, plasma tvs balanced on garbage cans... Ugh.
Sorry to say, they're terrible. I live in your usual residential neighborhood 10 miles from DHL. First delivery? They 'couldn't locate' my house. Second attempt? I'm outside while the DHL delivery van drives by, the driver looks at me and continues down the road. :shrugs::mad::censor: I had to pick up the package, of course.
I am NOT a fan of DHL, but more and more companies are switching to them from FedEx and UPS because they apparently are "cheaper"--but there's a REASON why!!! Maybe with enough complaints, companies will stop using DHL after they get all the grief...

I hope they find your package ASAP!
Eeeek!!!! So sorry this happened to you!!!

All the things I've heard about DHL have been negative! :sweatdrop: How does this company still keep getting business?
I *HATE* DHL, you don't need to convince me. I live in an apartment complex and have to wander around like an idiot looking at doors every time DHL delivers a package because the driver rarely sticks the delivery notice on the correct door. It's like the driver is just delivering items randomly. I've never had a problem with UPS, but DHL has been a royal PIA every time I try to use them.

So sorry about your package, I hope it's located soon!
Ugh..DHL has left FOOD (i.e. stuff from that Figi's catalog) in our MAILBOX instead of at the front door. Mind you, this is the kind of grouped neighborhood mailbox where everyone's box is at a certain place in the neighborhood. :Push:
Scary - all of the items I've received via DHL (only from NAP) have arrived in great shape and on time. I always have the same delivery person from all the major carriers so I've gotten to know them and have had good experiences. So far. Sorry.
Great, and our Exec Admin announced today that we're switching from FedEx to DHL to save money - I guess I can look forwards to lots of headaches now!

I hope they find your package soon! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
Well I think that from one hand it is a worldwide delivery and to deliver something from one part to another is not that easy, I was waiting for package from Singapore sent via EMS for 3 weeks instead of one... Same problems with DHL. It just happens, if you don’t take and deliver it your self or go to get it, it might get lost.
DHL is the only carrier we can use as a private person here in Germany to ship worldwide and I never had a problem and I do ship a lot to the U.S. I use them nationally ,too because even without express shipping it just takes one day to another German city. UPS and Fedex are not an option as they're so expensive (150$ for 3 pound package from Germany to the US) so I don#t have another choice. It seems like they're really bad with the national shipping in the US. I hope that your gift will turn up soon.!!
One of the companies I used to work for, they repeatedly had problems with DHL losing and damaging packages and the customer service reps were SO rude. Blah. I'm pretty much a UPS girl. LOL

I hope they find your package soon and get it to ya!