Need to organize my closet!! HELP!!!

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  1. Ok, so My closet needs an overhaul. Is it best or organize by color? type (blazers, tanks, tees, dressy tops, etc)? style?
    WHat works best for you ladies and why?
    I want to get this done asap!
  2. My closet is done by type of clothes then color. For Example: Blouses sorted by color then pants by color so I can find things by color.
  3. Mine is organised by type first too, one part is blouses/tops, other is pants/skirts/shorts and lastly dresses and these are then organised by colour.
    Definitely useful :biggrin:
  4. Do you organize your tops like Dressy to Tee's? I'm trying to make it easier to find things to wear! So i'm not spending hours trying to get ready
  5. Mine is by category.. so dresses, blazers, pants, cardigans, tshirts, shirts.

    I find that it messes up quite easily so I got to keep organizing it.

    I put casual together, and then more dressy and then dresses in the middle (so the dressy on one side with dressy, and more casual/sundresses near the casual) .. I just find it works better that more casual is easily accessible. Then winter/seasonal stuff is all at the back, and in winter it's all rotated.
  6. thanks! very helpful, getting it together. still working on separating casual from dressy, but after that I think I'm done
  7. hmmm... maybe I am only one here ...but I like my closet organized with colors...even my all tops all same way , but also by style , that is very helpful...

    Good luck for You...!!!!!!!
  8. I organize by type of garment (like all jackets together) and then by color -- I also will organize from sleeveless to long sleeves for my tops too - that and the fact that I totally splurged when we bought our new house and have a California Closet system and a large closet which really helps keep it organized -- at our old house I had a small dark walk-in closet and I kept losing things. Also, My dresses are organized with the casual ones together, work dresses together and then dressy dresses -- it sounds really anal, but I'm really not - it just makes my insane life less complicated and it's one less thing to stress about. I also tend to purge my closet every season a little bit and a lot every couple of years.

    Also, I got a ton of those "huggable hangers" -- but I got the Bed, Bath & Beyond ones -- they take up less room and things don't fall off of them either.
  9. Just this weekend I decided to group "work appropriate" clothes in one area to see if it made getting ready easier. So I have all my trousers and skirts on one rod with the blouses/nice knit shirts above. I did have skirts kind of in a hard-to-see place and I found I never even thought about wearing them. I'm hoping this will get me in my skirts more often.

  10. This is how I did it!!! Still finishing it up! I have a lot of clothes! HAHA
  11. I organize my closet by type & then color/shade (darkest to lightest/viceversa)
  12. I organize my clothes first by type; cardigans, sweaters, blouses, tops; then within each type by colour.
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  14. I'm the same, I organize type (blazers, dresses, cardigans, blouses, pants, skirts) then by color but when I hang my jeans I hang them by brand. I'm debating of switching them over by style (straight, skinny, boot.)
  15. I organize my closet by type and from top to bottom: blazers/coats, shirt, tops, dresses, skirt, pants.