Need to order this today - help me choose

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  1. First, thanks for all your patience will me and all the questions I've been asking.

    I have it narrowed down to these two bags. The 1st one will allow me to use my Coach credit and get an accessory to go with. The 2nd one will cost $150 additional but is leather. Which will I get more wear out of.

    I'm 44, but not what I consider 'old' my any means. I love fashion and have 2 grown daughters who keep me a little trendy, yet age appropriate!

    I haven't seen either bag in person. The Bleeker is British Tan. Is British Tan similar to Whiskey?

    Bag #1

    Bag #2
  2. I like the first one, it just has a classic look to it.
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  4. Ooh I love that second one! The first is really nice and classic too, and since you wouldnt have to add $$ to it, probably the wise choice. However if it were me, and the second bag goes over the shoulder rather than being strictly a handbag (hard to tell from the photo), I would get the second one.
  5. The Bleecker Shopper does fit over the shoulder.
  6. I love the second one... Let us know what you decide :p
  7. I've seen both in person, and honestly...the first one is just WOW. :nuts:
  8. I love the first one!
  9. I bought the first and returned it and I own the second in black. I really think you will be happier with the shopper. It has a classic look that goes well with just about anything (jeans, slacks, etc...) or color (black, brown, white, or jean).

    I vote #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. My mom just bought that second one and had to return it. Even the tiniest little touch will leave a scratch mark on that bag. It was awful! So i wouldnt buy that bag if I were you. However, she just exchanged it for the same bag in black and she hasnt had the same problem with that color. Just a heads up!
  11. Thanks for the feedback - the scratching would definitely be a problem.

    Here's another option in the Bleeker - definitely solves the whether to wear black or brown problem!
  12. I saw the 2nd one IRL and it's very nice. What I like about it is that it's not heavy....even though it looks like it could be.
  13. I vote for the first one. I have seen both bags IRL and the first one is just WOW! It is such a gorgeous bag. The shopper is nice also but there just wasn't too much too it, IMO. I mean, the leather was beautiful but that first bag just really popped. I think it will be so gorgeous dressed up or down. I think that the shopper is more of a casual bag...kick around on the weekend, going shopping or casual dining. The first bag can be used for all of that too of course but it can be more dressy as well. I agree that the British tan does scratch very easily and if you are at all picky about that, you would not like this bag. As for the third option, I am really not feeling that one at all. Good luck in your choice.
  14. #2!!!!!
  15. i like both. 2 is my fave but it is v big irl