Need to narrow things down a bit....

  1. Ok....time to get serious here......I am in need of color/leather assistance...

    My planned bag this year is a Plume Elan GM. I first fell in love with the black 'gator Elan on the Jemz site a while back and this bag has been niggling in the back of my mind ever since. Thing is, I have no use for a black 'gator Plume Elan GM so that's out of the equation. BUT I really need to narrow things down a bit......

    I could use your help......

    I would like this bag to do mulitple things....

    1. Casual to semi-dressy evening outings
    2. Can bridge all seasons
    3. Grab-n-go daily bag

    Here are the parameters:

    No exotics, no Fuschia, no Vert Anis (and no other verts), no Chartreuse, no Rose Shocking, no orange, no EPSOM. Other than that, the skys the limit.

  2. So, here is suggestion from Rose, BLACK!
  3. box or chevre (does the elan come in chevre?)...
  4. The best day to evening bag seem to me to be the Kelly, in a 32cm size or smaller, black--or do you have that already?
  5. ebene clemence. An elegant colour in a durable, hard working leather.
  6. You know you're not a big color neutrals?? Gosh I don't know?? I can't seem to make a decision today for anything...are you wanting to SO one or see what they have? Maybe you should just let it it doesn't seem to be a bag that comes around often...and you want green for the bolide, right?
  7. Hum,... I think you can work Noisette in Box. Ahh,.. so classy for you!
  8. Just in case, my avatar has a small accessory at the top corner, it's chevre Noissette.
  9. S'Mom...Could you describe your out to dinner, evening look for us? Are you thinking black, in the brown family, other? Any preferences?
  10. OKay, S'Mom. So it's going to be a Plume Elan GM? Gorgeous. I love this bag. Anyway, other than exotics, Plumes only come in Chevre, Box/ Chamonix, Epsom Vache Liegee, Fjord and Togo. Crossing off Epsom, Vache Liegee and Togo because of availability and things that aren't your preference, that leaves the goat, box and Chamonix. I think Fjord might not be the best choice for evening and you're getting the Bolide soon in that leather.
    Now, you already have a dressy and casual Birkins in workhorse colors. And you have Kellys in workhorse colors, too. So, we want the Elan to be a little different but not out of your comfort zone. Otherwise, you'd have no reason to reach for it over one of your fave. Birkins or Kellys.
    My #1 choice for you would be chevre. Durable, lightweight and perfect for a grab and go bag and does day-into evening perfectly.
    My choice for you IS - Brighton Blue Chevre!! The BB would be perfect with your jeans and lovely with an all black evening outfit (black slacks, black cashmere sweater and scarf de jour.) Chevre makes it dressy, the color makes it go casual, too!
    Then, in the summer, bring it on trips when you're wearing white button downs and jeans or anything. It will bring a very summery, fresh look to your outfits.
  11. GT - I was thinking the SAME thing...but I'm watching this GREASE thing on t.v. and didnt POST....YOU TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MY FINGERS:yes:

    My Vote is Chevre, Brighton Blue, too! b/c wearing mostly Neutrals all day, that nice subtle color will look GREAT.
  12. WOW!!!! Thank you everyone!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Brighton Blue Chevre idea!!!!! I wonder if this is a combination that can be searched for instead of SO'd? What do you think???? :nuts:
  13. ^ Well, BB Chevre has been everywhere in Bolide form. Why not Plumes? You know Hermes. When they put a combo out, they put it OUT. Get on the phone!
  14. There is a regular Plume in Rouge H in Fjord at my store - I would KILL for that bag!! It is the nicest piece of leather!

    D - have you seen Brighton Blue IRL? I thought I would LOVE it, but I don't. At all.
  15. ctually, GT has a point...the Plume IS only available in certain leathers, and BB in chevre is rather nice.