Need to make a decision quick!...dark silver AND black metallic??

  1. I really need some advice....I have a dark silver 226 reissue on hold for me at the chanel boutique in vegas and I have to make a decision "tonight" or else it goes to the next person on the waitlist.

    The problem is, I recently bought the black metallic 227 and I'm wondering if they're too "similar" and maybe I shouldn't get the dark silver? i know they're 2 different colors and different sizes altogether, but they ARE both "reissues" with silver h/w and both dark colors. Of course, I'd love to have both, but then again, i wonder if its silly to buy 2 such similar bags...after all, they're so much money and that kind of makes me feel guilty (and greedy too!)

    What do you guys think? I know the dark silver is hard to come by, i do love the color and i know i would use it a lot, but realistically, i know that i don't "have to have" the bag because i've already got the black metallic reissue....I'm so confused! Should i save the money for something else, or will i kick myself later on if i pass on it now? Oh yeah, and did i mention that i've been on a binge and have bought 5 bags in the last 2 months??? that only adds to the guilt....but i really do love this bag!

    Please help!!!
  2. Keep both!
  3. both!:tup:
  4. Ah geez....I would pick it up tonight because you have to time to return it under their return policy. That will buy you a little extra time to see if you REALLY REALLY want it or not.
  5. thanks for the input so far guys....but i forgot to mention that i'm having the bag shipped to me from the US (i'm in Canada), and it would be too much of a hassle to return it. I have no doubt that i will love the bag...i'm just worried about spending so much money to have 2 of such similar bags...after all, they are the same style. It's kind of like buying the same pair of shoes in 2 different colors. Do u know what i mean? is it silly to have both???
  6. Nope, not silly at all! The colors aren't really close considering how muted the black metallic is. I have both too. ;) So if it is silly, we can be silly together.
  7. I'd get both... they're just stunning, and the reissues are iconic and classic! :heart: My advice, however, comes from the perspective of a flap/reissue lover haha... I have the dark silver 226 from last year, light silver 225, and I'm waiting for my metallic black 226 to arrive. :smile: I do see what you mean about them being similar, and the shoe analogy is definitely valid. To me though, the dark silver has more of a bronzey undertone, which complements browns, corals, etc. wonderfully (I wouldn't wear a brown shirt with the metallic black reissue, for instance :smile:), while the metallic black would undoubtedly be so versatile! While there might be some people who don't buy the same style bag simply because it is the same style, if the bags are as beautiful as the reissues are IMO, you can't go wrong with bringing "twins" home! :p
  8. thanks guys...time's running out, but the consensus seems to be "go for it"! i better get on the phone and make the purchase before my DH gets home...I just don't think he'd understand this one! *sigh*....just a few more mins to digest in my head before I make the call.....

    BalenciagaLove: Your comment about being silly together put a smile on my face!

    Fieryfashionist: You must have one of the most envied collections on the Chanel forum....I can tell u really love your flaps. Just finished seeing your pics...every one of your flaps are gorgeous...and so are all your outfits!!!
  9. SO are you the new mother of twins?? :graucho:
  10. hey dragon girl, get both, I am trying to get metallic black 227 and darksilver 226, but no luck with either one yet :sad:...hope one day we could be twins too!
  11. I like the dark silver the best, & I'm waiting on that one. I'm only basing my opinion from pics though! Good luck. They are both gorgeous.
  12. Dragon girl - ;) I'm glad you're going for it. Second guessing is so torturous sometimes, but both these colors are such classics!
  13. I have both the black metallic and light silver 226 reissues. They are both gorgeous and very different bags. The 227 is actually much larger than the 226 (I exchanged my black metallic 227 for the 226). I think you should keep both - they are classics.
  14. Dragon Girl - I hope you do get both, because I know you'll look gorgeous with them... as for DH not understanding well hmm, what he doesn't know won't hurt him, right? ;) Aww, you're soo sweet, thank you!! :blush: :heart: Haha, I'm definitely a flap nut... I have more that didn't even make it into pictures! :nuts: You should post pictures when your reissue(s) arrive(s) so that we can all drool!! :p
  15. Sounds like you've made your decision, so I just wanted to say congrats!!! :yahoo: