Need to let off a little steem...grhhh

  1. I just called Bal Paris to see what they have in stock...She said everything which is good new for all who get to go there in the next couple of days.
    Then I asked about ordering. So she told me to send a fax. So I asked if they take into account specific requests concerning the leather...not too veiny (marbré), a little distressed etc...and the answer was oh they are all the same:hysteric: I responded politely that they were not but the girl just said sorry but I cannot do anything about that!:cursing: Just send a fax.
    This has not been the first time that they have been really...:cursing:

    So I'm shure that even if they have everything I will certainly not order there!

    I also called le Printemps and the girl: her name is Caire was perfect.:yes: She said that the rouge was very smooth but the grenat, very veiny and distressed. A great and helpful girl!!! I think that's someone you can trust!

    As much as even the "Balhotline " is great I just "love" the guy so knowledgable and helpful, I just really don't like the BalParis boutique !!!

    Sorry for that but if you spend thousands on bags I expect a little more service!
  2. So sorry to hear about the unhelpful service at the Bal Paris, at least you were able to find someone who understood at le Printemps. Good luck with finding your perfect B.bag! :party:
  3. You have every right in the world to be angry! I would certainly be too! Maybe (if there is a next time) you could ask someone for a referral of who to speak with at Bal Paris!
  4. eek, I read so many stories on here about careless service and whatnot, I would certainly think that they would help you much much more than that if you would be spending thousands on a bag from their store. Its just plain rude! THey should be going out of their way to even say then can order in a certain type that your looking for! sorry to hear about this!!
  5. I feel the same like you catcat
    two days ago I called BalParis to ask for a blueberry day. the guy said first 'oh we have so many colors' then I ask for blueberry he said yes, then I gave him the fax number of my brothers work. I got a feeling he didn´t get the correct number. so no fax arrived.
    yesterday I called again, there was a girl on the phone telling me that they have no blueberry because it was "last season" ?!?!
    I ask her if she was sure and she just said yes it was last season?
    I was so confused yesterday rhhh...:cursing:
  6. catcat, I don't blame you. they should definitely be more nice and helpful, after all we are spending so much money!!

    i called BalParis and I found the girl I spoke to to be quite rude as well. I don't have a good feeling about going there, just imagining that they'll ignore me and offer little or no opinions. I am definitely going to try ubt will go to printemps right after. thank you so much for suggesting Caire, I will ask for her!
  7. Thanks girls.
    It truely is a shame I know that french people have a reputation to be rude and snotty. As much as this is not true what the population as a whole is concerned I think it is too often true in service, restaurants, boutiques etc...It's really sad especially in high end designer shops who should be an exemple in this area. Takes just a little of the fun away.
  8. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your bad experience. Seems like almost every high end boutique has got some sort of similar thing!
  9. I find that the boutiques tend to be much snottier in Europe, especially if you didn't bother to dress up for your shopping trip.

    I think people in Europe who have the means to purchase will simply NOT wear flipflops and such (comfort, what's that? what if anyone sees me in it !? quoting my mother...) while here it's much more common for people to dress casually, and the SAs know it.
  10. wow tods123,
    interesting I guess that's why I was ignored when I went to balparis last year!:lol: I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt:shrugs:
  11. argg.. I've heard so many complaints from friends and family about shopping in Paris :sad:

    I'm not quite sure if its racism, hatred of non-parisians, elitism (if your not dressed up even though your on a vacation)?

    I was hoping that it was just a rumor ...