Need to leave feedback??

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  1. I was wondering whether anyone can help. I went into my eBay today and it says I need to leave feedback for one item. When I click on it on it to see what it is there is nothing there?

    Also I haven't brought anything off eBay for ages?? I am slightly concerned so any help would be appreciated!:flowers:
  2. I would not worry untowardly Rachel, my account often says that I have one item to pay for, one item to ship and feedback to be left, but when I go into it, it is clear! They will refresh the page to clear it at some point I am sure :biggrin:
    As long as there has been nothing selling without your knowledge, you are fine :smile:
  3. Thanks Chloe-babe - I am so paranoid that someone has hijacked my account but when I go into selling there is nothing to view so hopefully it is fine:smile:
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