Need to know.....

  1. Ok, so I'm looking at Dillard's online.... and they have LOADS of Brahmin bags- I don't think I have ever seen anyone talk about Brahmin on tPF- does anyone know much about them ?? Some of them seem a little "old" in style but some are ok, the leather looks pretty impressive- maybe even a little on the stiff side. Opinions, girls ??
  2. Leather looks stiff to me. I haven't seen one in person.
  3. I like their purses, but I don't own one. I have seen them in person and the leather is lovely. I like the ones that have the alligator texture that are brown. They run about $250 and up in price.
  4. I think they're pretty, but kind of "over".
  5. Well, I've been looking for this thread. There are some beautiful Brahmin purses on that site, imo.

    Every friend I have is in one crisis situation or another, so I've been a little "involved." I think I still have the site copied from this morning, but I won't swear to it. Let's see....

    Looks like I did. Click on some of these Brahmin bags. I really like a couple of them.
  6. They are sold in Dillards. Very structured. Nice hardware.