Need to know!!! Stam Bag

  1. Hi, I am considering buying the Stam Bag. I just read a crazy blog on another website that said it is an awkward and uncomfortable bag.:confused1: She went on to say that no matter what was inside it was too heavy and that the handles bruised her wrists and that the chain dug into her shoulder. All I can say is Yikes that would really suck at that hefty of a price tag. True or not true?? Thank you!
  2. It really depends on the person. You have the try the bag for yourself and decide. I love my stam and have absolutely no problems with it. Some people think it's heavy, but I think the weight is relative to most bags nowadays.
  3. ITA with E. =)
    Ranirob, you should definitely try it on in real life to see whether Stam's the right bag for you.
  4. I don't think many stam owners carry the chain on their shoulders. Most carry the bag on their arms. And yes, it can get heavy but depends what kinda purses you've been carrying. The ones with the linen lining are lighter than the suede ones.

    Go try it on and see what you think. Let us know ;)
  5. I echo the sentiments of the other really need to try it on to see how you feel. It is a heavy bag, but the chain is detachable and it does come in different linings (it's much harder to find one with suede inside, unless they bring it back).

    Good luck!
  6. dito to everything posted above. i have one and dont think it is uncomfortable unless i stuff it full of crap and try to carry it. i only wish i could carry it with the chain more-so, because i have the first batch stam and it pops open....