Need to know by tonight!

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  1. I have a black and whit spotted wool pencil skirt that I am gonna wear to a comedy club! Fabulous find at tj max!! What kind of shirt should I wear???
  2. Don't know what's in your wardrobe, but a black silk blouse would sound nice.
  3. I don't know what the temperature is where you are, but a black slim turtleneck would be nice tucked in... I love a turtleneck and a pencil skirt when it's cold. Also you could do just a knit v-neck or something. I'd definitely go with black, though!
  4. definitely black. something cute and tight/fitted
  5. Thanks guys! It's kind chilly but I think I'm gonna wear a black knit tshirt!
  6. T shirt sounds just right- it will be a little more casual for a comedy club. You could wear a big necklace too, if you wanted :smile:

    Have fun!
  7. I live in Columbus, Ohio. Our comedy club is called the funnybone. Im just hoping this outfit isnt too much for it. Ive never been there before. :/
  8. So we arent going to a comedy club anymore :sad: my friends plane is delayed. So we are going to the big bang bar! Anybody heard of it. Ive never been there. Not sure if my outfit is still appropriate????

  9. The deuling piano bar? I went to the one in Nashville and wore club clothes.
  10. Ya! They have one in Columbus too! It was alright
    But wasn't at all crowded since we went on a Tuesday night. Was quite boring since it was dead! I like crowds and it wouldve been a lot more fun! Oh well I ended up wearing my dark was jeggings skinny jeans with a white top and some sandals!