Need to know Braun Prices

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  1. Hi, I heard that braun charges differently if you have a korean friend go with you versus the chinese translator. Since chinese isn't my first language, I don't really want the chinese consultant. Also, I would much rather pay the korean price...

    Does anyone know the difference in prices?Spefically looking at chin implant/genio , and rhino

    PM me if its sensitive information.

    Thank you!
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  2. Braun is not known for being cheap. But there was an "event" earlier this year. Two million won for a rhinoplasty. That's really cheap. I suspect they might have advertised that as the base price, and then tacked on additional expenses for anaesthesia or whatnot. Or it might have been just the silicone implant without anything else.
    Braun is one of the few clinics I've seen that seem to do a good job with men's plastic surgery, though. Most of the other places seem to overly feminise their (male) patients' faces.
  3. I went there and made the stupid decision of using chinese to book my appointment, the chinese consultant quoting me 8.7 freaking million for a primary nose job

    this is after my friend, who went with me, got quoted a price of 1.8 million over the phone...
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  4. Did your friend speak korean or english over the phone?
  5. I only speak English and German.. does anyone have any tips for how to get a cheap price, for the FC? I don't know any Koreans :sad:
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  6. I mean if you look Caucasian then you can forget about a Korean price lol. My Korean friend called in Korean and went down with me.
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  7. I look South Asian, cos I'm half Indian half German. My nationality is German though. Do you think they'll overcharge, they have a reputation for consultants being money with foreigners. :P
  8. I thought that they would overcharge if you bring a korean "friend" who gets commission..
  9. no they have an inhouse chinese translator. She is essentially the middleman so she jacks up the prices.
  10. I think Braun is quite famous for facial contouring and nose job haha
    But they kind of not so popular lately, bacause some botched jobs were performed to Chinese patients
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  11. Do you have the link for the news? I am thinking of Braun ^^
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  12. Jessica. I realise this still hasn't set in but I would advise you to stop thinking about braun. You will be ripped off. The only way to not be ripped off is to pass off as a Korean(look Korean, be able to speak Korean and bring a Korean friend) Unless you wanna pay 8million won for a primary rhino. People in Korea are racist, Imo the order of racial prejudice increases the darker you get. Dark skinned people get treated badly here and I have seen it first hand.
  13. So if you bring a korean ''friend'' and are caucasian, will you be ripped off? Even if the Korean person bargains for you?
  14. Well, I was actually told by some Chinese patients when I was in Korea, they have some kind of big forum in China for plastic surgeries and there were quite a few complaints against Braun for doing a botched nose jobs. I dont know if I should trust those Chinese patients though haha. But they told me not many Chinese go to Braun now
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