Need To Know About Scarfs!!!

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  1. I'm going on a cruise in Europe this summer and I would like to know does each Hermes shop have a unique scarf or each store in a city has a unique scarf about the city? I'm going to florence, rome, sardinia, monte what should I get????????? I want to remember each city by it's scarf, Is it possible??????
  2. The stores will have the current season's scarves and a few from the past seasons.
  3. nothing about each city?
  4. No..... there are scarves about some cities, the passage series for instance, but they can't be found in the stores now. If you are heading to Moscow though, the Passage a Moscou will be available for pick up. The Wall st store in NYC also has some Passage a NY left, and there is the Central Park scarf which is still available. The problem is that most stores will only stock the current season and a few from past seasons, so although there are, for example, Venice themed scarves, you won't find them at the H store.
  5. nope :sad: maybe get a scarf that reminds you of that place? if they have the greek/roman gods, maybe one with that design (I think they did this last season or the year before)
  6. thanx ladies........... I think they should do them for each city and sell them in their store cuz it would have been nice to get a scarf from each city as a reminder of the wonderful time we spent there:sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:
  7. Noora, I believe that there is a place in Monte Carlo (not an Hermes store... a gift shop for some other organization) where you can buy a Monte-Carlo scarf. Believe the organization is Societe des Bains de Mer?? search around on the forum a bit and you should find it, I know I have before.
  8. elle tee..................... thanx I'll keep that in mind;)
  9. I agree with you, xnoorax, it would be great to have such lovely momentos from travels. Maybe you could do something like select a favorite pattern and pick a different color from each season. I don't travel as much as you do, but I get one on a trip and then desperately try to remember later where I purchased it! There are some wonderful Venice scarves, but they are long gone from stores - one of them is so gorgeous that I have it in a few colorways!