Need to hunt down a rouge vif work in Europe!Help, please!!

  1. Ladies,
    for my sanity and happiness I need a work in rouge vif but unfortunately Theresa which is like my living room doesn't carry any work and won't get one. :crybaby: Did anyone of you know where I can get one? LVR is not getting it in rouge vif. I know that there some available in the US but I wouldn't want to buy from overseas as this is much more expensivebecause German customs are very strict and they charge you 25% extra so I need to find her within the E.U.
    I really appreciate your help, ladies as I know that you're the best!!:yes:
  2. Tanja, Firstclass bought her work just this past week at a boutique near her. I looked up the info in the Achtung section, and I think this is the store:

    Trois Pommes (Zurich); 01/211 06 21

    Good luck, and I hope you find your rouge! :smile:

  3. YEESSSSSSS cate - you're right :flowers: ! That's true Tanja - you know that Switzerland isn't within the EU - but maybe we could find another way to send it to you ? Please let me know when I can help you. The phone-no. from Trois Pommes in Zurich has changed into: 0041-43-497'20'60, ask for 'Gabriela Hanselmann' (she sold it to me).
  4. Bal Paris will send bags out. Maybe Harvey Nicks in the UK or Cricket? Good luck with your search Tanja! Keep us updated.
  5. I saw one in Selfridges London. You could ask if they ship maybe? Good luck!
  6. GOOD LUCK Tanja!!!
  7. As I mentioned in my "Rouge Vif thread",Printemps has Rouge Vif Work !!!!
    I guess they can send in germany, but not sure...
    Feel free to PM me : I'll send you phone number of my SA !!!
  8. heeyy Tanja!!
    I am off to munich in a week and was wondering if they have rouge vif city in Theresa! do let me knowwww...
  9. The always helping and so wonderful Firstclass1 found me a work!!! Isn't she great as always!! Thanks, so much for helping me!! Thanks Paris, that would have been my second option.
    Sorry Mimi they don't have one any more as I bought the last one yesterday for a fdear riend.of mine. But I'll ask if they receive more and will come back to you!
  11. Just DITO!! I'm at work right now and while my boss is screaming at us I prefer to see you, girls :smile:
    Hope you'll have a nice day, first and the rest of my beloved B-bag girls.