need to hear some opinions please.

  1. I started seeing this guy, and all I can feel is WOW..In all my years of dating I barely ever felt connected to guys..this may sound odd but it was as if I wasn't even "in" my body..more like I never was on tune and often all things that I said were mechanical and not emotional. It feels so good to hang around him because for once I atually feel like myself. I guess here is the dilemma: Not sure how many seinfeld fans are out there..but I seem to have the same problem at relationships as those on seinfeld. I find one thing and instantly I don't like them anymore..whether something they say, someway that they kiss, etc. I never seem satisfied, and that always scared me that I would never find love. Well, the thing with Erik, he admitted to me that he hasn't much experience with women, kissing (and i am assuming other things) and that he is so shy with women even if in other areas he is outspoken. When I hear that from guys, that usually turns me off pretty quickly...and we finally kissed last night and it was less than steller( to put it nicely)...we laughed it off though and actually that in itself made it feel magical. The way he brushed the hair from my face, put my hood over my head when I was cold....those were all magical..I'm not sure exactly where I am going with this, but i felt like I needed to write it down and ask you guys...I like him so much, but i am so afraid that knowing myself, I will start to get turned off so much because of his lack of experience...I don't know..if anyone can offer me anything...I am sorry for the long post..but i seem torn about this...
  2. Well, you can always be his teacher in those ways, right? ;)
    If everything else is perfect, then perhaps you're liking him and you're thinking that you'll be turned off just because you feel you should because you've been like that before.

    Go for it and don't worry so much. If he is perfect for you, he'll improve and you'll be happy to show him. Both of you will benefit from it ;)
  3. Just go with it, enjoy it and have fun!

    I wouldn't worry about expierence, even guys that have eons of it need teaching. I'm a 2nd wife and I still have to teach my husband. :lol:
  4. I think you sound adorable, and you sound really cute together. Even people that have kissed alot (it was a fave hobby of mine in my teens ;)) always take a while to get used to new guys, as everybody is very different. The key is to change each other just enough so that if feels fab for the both of you. And guess what! the more you snog his face off the better it is going to get, so get stuck in there and enjoy yourself. He sounds like he is worth the effort :smile:
  5. I think that this guy is a special one. He has very lil experience but enough to know what he's doing. That in a way should make u more comfortable with him. U guys can enjoy learning about each other. He's brave enough to admit it to u that he isn't experience in all categories totally brave of him. imo i think u should give it time, u never know those lil things may disappear and u'll be in a great relationship :amuse:
  6. Just see where it takes you I say. You might grow to oversee those little things that used to turn you off from guys in the past. Enjoy yourself! You sound like you like him a whole lot!
  7. JAP, I know what you mean! Don't over-think it. I mean, what are the options, anyway? You can't decide to keep the "on" switch constantly on. If you end up falling for him, that's awesome. If interest dies, so what? Lots of fish in the sea! I'm sure when the right guy comes your interest will sustain itself.
  8. Suggest that you need to examine your feelings -- why is it exactly that something like "not having experience" would put you off? Why is it that some thing usually gets in the way? It would be a shame to jeopardize what could be a really good relationship -- figure out your feelings, think about them and why you feel the way you feel.
  9. Like the others have said: You can be the one to teach him!:idea:

    Enjoy the fact that you're one of the first people to "break him in" with kissing and stuff. It's kind of like when you have a really pretty pair of new shoes. You love them, but they don't feel so great for until you've worn them a lot and gotten them to stretch and shape themselves around your feet.

    Hope that made sense:P

    Enjoy him!
  10. I have no advice, but I almost had a heart attack - it sounds just like my cousin, who spells his name the same way!!! But he's not in Pennsylvania.
  11. Haha, me too. Sounds a lot like my best friend's brother, who spells his name that way, but he's in California.:P
  12. REading this thread put a smile on my face. It sounds like you both like eachother. Everytime you get turned off, remind yourself of how much you're enjoying his company and that you really like him.

    I laughed so hard when you mentioned Seinfeld :lol: I suddenly remembered , man hands, George's bald girlfriend.... :lol:
  13. i felt EXACTLY like you, JAP, with my current BF. He hasnt dated for 5 yrs and the first time we made out was really awkward! He had no experience w/ women but I fell instantly connected when we met. It didn't take long for us both to get comfy w/ each other. I had to teach him a few things but he is great now.

    Just give it some time! Communication is really important too. Since he is inexperienced, he probably needs you to teach him a few things ;).
  14. I forgot about the Seinfeld part! Just remembered the one where Jerry's girlfriend walks around the apartment naked and he gets turned off when she like, bends and stuff:P
  15. I almost had a heart attack, too. I dated the same guy (he even spelled his name the same way) but he's in Cambridge.