Need to hear from White Multicolore Mini HL owners

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  1. I had read a while ago postings from owners of the White MC Mini HL that stated that they had the tan leather trim bleeding through on the edges of their White MC Mini HL. For the life of me, I can not find those posts now. Well, I just took my White MC Mini HL out of her dust bag for a photo shoot and see the bleeding on my bag! HELP! I have had her for 3 years and just packed her away 4 months ago (at the end of summer) and now this bleeding has become noticeable. I noticed that the white is no longer sold on this why? What can be done? What do I do? Can LV repair this?
  2. its defected =[ same happened to mine. i took it back and was only allowed to get store credit cause the bag was no longer available.
  3. its not available any more? i have it.... and nothing has happened to it....
  4. Eluxury is not selling it anymore. I tell you, in August mine looked fine...just tonight I noticed this tannish bleed around the edges.
  5. all stores are out of the white Mini HL and the stores that DO have them in the system have the defected bags. There are some black Mini HLs floating around though. I've heard different SAs talk about them being discontinued and others saying that theres 1 or 2 coming in depending on the shipment. 866 doesn't have any of either colors when I called in the summer =[
  6. How weird. What is causing the bleeding? I have seen a few on eBay that were supposedly authentic; I wonder why the sellers didn't bother exchanging the bags.
  7. Evolkatie told me that she purchased hers on eBay and then took it back to the store and received a credit. I think I am running to the Atlantic City store tomorrow...I will keep you posted on the outcome.
  8. the same thing happened to mine too!! and my SA said it's now discontinued!! but i've had her for two years now so it doesn't bother me much :smile:
  9. I took mine to the store and my SA told me to get the new one or get full credit. LV can't repair the bag and they are all discontinued now. Since they only had black one available so I choose full credit (current retail price). I bought they bag many years ago but never used it though.
  10. TOTALLY SHOCKED HERE!!!!!! I just took pictures of mine not too long ago as I've never carried mine either. I cannot believe it, when I read your post I ran for the closet where mine is kept in total darkness in it's box as it has been stored since purchase in May 2003. Mine also has the vachetta bleeding and it is very noticeable. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: It is a complete mess, both sides are darkened and the vachetta all around the bottom is bleeding. It did not have that a few weeks ago!!!!!!!! I still have my receipt and am going to wait for the store that I bought it from on the west coast to open!! I am thousands of miles away from them on the east coast, but I can't imagine LV wouldn't be making good on it. It still has the paper inside!!!The vachetta on the handles has never been touched!!! :cursing: Please let me know how you make out today in Atlantic City!!! I will be waiting...

  11. Hope you can help...privately pmed you!!!

  12. Wondering if you could elaborate a bit more on your return...I am too far from the store...I don't want them to think I have worn my bag, it is MINT and never worn so I would like to return it.:cursing:
  13. DamierLover, I did not receive a PM from you. I am heading out the door now. I will let you know how I make out. Please don't be in panic mode! I know LV will make good on it. Also, you can return it to the LV closest to need to fly to the West Coast! I will report back...promise.
  14. I don't have it but I saw on one sold on ebay.
  15. I have the same problem too!!!!! :crybaby:

    I haven't used her much, but she's my one and only white MC piece!

    Should I bring her in for a credit refund, or just keep her?????? :shrugs: