Need to get something B4 price increase-what do you think?

  1. Alright, we all know the price incrase can happen as soon as Feb 1, i got 500 Saks card i can blow off on last min thing, what do you think i should get? :graucho: I am eyeing the perfo belt in Natural(480)-color transfer:confused1: , Med. Damier Agenda(425), White MC Bandeau/Red Groom Bandeau. I eally want to get something in white MC, but not sure what other 'useful' small goodies there is under 500 besides Wapity-like, but can't see myself using it? Or small wallet w/min 4 cc slots?
  2. I'd definitely get the Groom's adorable for the price!
    Maybe you can get a Cles of some kind also?
  3. My vote is for a Damier Medium Ring Agenda with refills! :nuts:
  4. I second the vote for the agenda!
  5. Rats, i was suppose to do a poll, but it got frozed and now the post is done, and i can't add the poll to it....

    I already have two Koala (Damier.Rose mono) agendas, but they are only cute to look at, not useful when i need to jog down assignments in details b/c the space is just so narrow even when i use Daily page from filo fax. I want to SO Med Damier Koala agenda so bad, but SA give me a NO :crybaby: after submiting the request.

    What about the belt? Wouldn't it be fun to watch it patina w/my Azur speedy (that's sitting in closet until sunny days) together?

    I've never seen the bandeau IRL, besides tie it on speedy, what other way can u use it?

    LVbabydoll-my Red Trio cles is more than enough for me at this time :smile:
  6. i looooove the mc pochette gm...sooo freakin cute and would love to have...but as we all know i am having other dilemmas concerning other items right now :sad: multi pochette gm will have to wait.
  7. Or you can apply that $500 towards a bag by adding some $ on top of that.
  8. I already have pochette-panda and lexington, trying to get something different in each line so i don't have dulplicate styles...i've attach a pix of my collection so you can have a better idea. Oh, and i've got Mono koala rose agenda, green perfo cles, vernis rouge& pomme d'amour cles after the pix....
    I'd love to get a sac maple drive or roxbury, but it's not really useful for my life style......i am eyeing the impossible piece-Sophine and Ivorie Stephen.....which i am out of funds for ^^;
    S4300274_大小 .JPG
  9. I vote for the agenda too :smile:

  10. yes pochette, but i mean the bigger version of this: (sorry elux is out of stock, so i couldn't find a pic of the real thing but it's on the LV site) it's the one w/out the keychain & bigger. i love it.

  11. MC Eliza?
  12. is eliza what you're thinking of getting?
  13. eliza is cute, but out of the 500 range. The ones i've mention above are all 'essential' LVs that i will acquire in my collection sooner or later, so that's why i want to get as many as possible before the price increase.
  14. i still :heart: the pochette gm...if you know what i'm talking about...just the bigger clutch version of the one in the pic above on my previous post. that would be my pick, i believe it's $480? damn, what i wouldn't give for a $500 gift card right now to Saks! haha.
  15. Ooh, nice collection! Do you happen to have any modeling pics with your mandarin jasmin? :whistle: