Need to get motivated to make some changes

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  1. My get up and go got up and went.

    Won't get into details, but I eat junk and do nothing. As a result, the pounds are gaining.

    Need to change what I eat, but I'm one who doesn't have a taste for what's good for ya'.. Pizzas are the perfect food, right? :P

    Used to walk a lot, but for no particular reason I gave that up. Trying to get back into it though.

    Not big on cold weather nor hot weather, so not a whole lot of anything gets done in winter and summer. With the arrival of fall, maybe , maybe, maybe ......
  2. I agree, pizza is ONE of the perfect foods. If health didn't matter, I'd live on regular Coke (which I am currently trying to kick, down to one can per day), pizza, and Little Debbie Nutty Bars. Oh and Toll House cookies. With an occasional steak thrown in for good measure. Oh and I love shrimp too. And basically any kind of chocolate.

    Do you have any interest in cooking? I've found that trying new healthy recipes is kind of therapeutic.

    I've also started a new workout routine -- I tend to get bored easily.
  3. It's tough but it's the refined sugar/carbs.

    They gotta go!
  4. ^^ Especially when you wolf them down out of boredom.

    Pizza = bread, fruits/vegetables, meat and dairy all in one. :sunnies

    My 'cooking' consists of tossing a bunch of stuff together and heating. :P
  5. Just get your behind out the door and start moving.
    This is how, I finally went back to the gym.
    No more excuses, no more rationalization.
    First week sucks and now I am back on track.
    It is like any habit,
    You can do it!
  6. try taking some new to you group classes! i find its easier to get motivated to get up and go to the gym when your workout is going to be different and more fun!
  7. Do you have any interest in learning? I taught myself how to cook after I moved away from home because my parents didn't teach me how to do anything in the kitchen. Seriously, I only knew how to make Toll House cookies and that was it. My mom was very territorial with her kitchen and she didn't like to cook, she saw it as a necessary evil, so I never learned anything from her.

    I literally just bought a couple of cookbooks when I moved out on my own, started reading them, and taught myself that way. Of course now you can find everything on the internet.

    There's one small book that's out of print but you can find on eBay put out by Williams-Sonoma and it's called Cooking for Yourself. It's got some great recipes in it that aren't complicated and taste delicious.
  8. Echoes, you have to make yourself eat vegetables. You don't have to cook them. Just eat them raw. They taste like water.

    Eat ALOT of vegetables and you will start to feel better. :biggrin:

    Here is a pizza recipe for you. It's healthy. Not the bread and fatty cheese kind.

    Toast a multigrain tortilla in the oven until it gets hard (not burnt).
    Put a thin layer of lowfat mozzerella on the tortilla.
    Chop a green onion (scallion) and put on top.
    Slice a big mushroom and put on top.
    Chop a small roma tomato and put on top.
    Grind some black pepper on top and bake.
    Slice into quarters and enjoy with wine or diet coke.

    Now, if you are just a little ambitious, get some lowfat sausage and fry about an ounce in a small frying pan, then sprinkle on top before the veggies. This makes it really ALOT more delicious.

    Marinara is not required.

    Yoga helps too. Lay on your back on the hard floor for a few minutes to straighten out all the vertebrae. You can work it up from there.

    :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  9. OP, did you move today?
  10. Do you have a friend who can work out/eat healthy with you? You could motivate each other.
  11. Same here. If I don't cook, I don't eat. I putter, make stews and chilis and things like that in the winter. Lighter stuff in the summer. Mostly it's just experimenting rather than actually 'cooking' if you get my drift. Last night was some rice with peas and cheddar. Lots of chicken and pork usually, rarely beef.

    I do a lot of that kind of stuff. Whole grain where I can. Wraps with turkey and ham and swiss.

    Wish I could get back into salads, but I seem to have lost the taste for them. I buy lettuce and some other fixin's, but the let it go bad. Stupid I know.
    Uh, yeah. Maybe too much. :cool: Things is hurting what ain't 'sposed'ta' hurt. :rolleyes::censor:
    Other than the furbear? :P No, but that's a whole 'nother story. :storm: :tumbleweed:

  12. :drool: gimmie! gimmie! gimmie!


  13. Yeah I've been a bored eater myself I know how that goes :hrmm:
    I see pizza the same way :P
  14. thanks for this recipe!
  15. Maybe Furbear can inspire you to move again tomorrow.:smile: