Need to find a Truffle City

  1. I have missed out on both a Trufle City and a Truffle Twiggy on eBay and am totally frustrated. I am going to call BalNY tomorrow, but till then, does anyone know where I might be able to find one in new condition? Thanks.
  2. Have you tried Aloha Rag?
  3. Barney's Dallas had one last week. If you call be sure and tell the SA that they had one last week and to PLEASE look for it. They don't always look thoroughly and end up missing bags that they have.
  4. Okay...thanks! If BalNY doesn't have one, I will try both AR and Barney's in Dallas. Hopefully the SA's at Barney's are more knowledgeable about colors then the SA's that I have spoken to at Saks and NM. None of them seem to know the actual colors....I'm afraid they will send me any brown that they happen to have in stock!

  5. They aren't:tdown: which is why you might need to ask them to look twice for it........They are never, in my experience, aware of their stock. They quite frequently overlook bags. Though they did have one and hopefully they still do.
  6. Barneys Dallas told me today that they have a "brown" City. You may have to grill them on the color, but it may turn out to be the one you're after.