Need To Find A Perfect Summer Bronze Product!

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  1. Any of you have kind of tan products like self-tanner or tan spray or whatever! I'm thinking about buying a Bare Bronze, Daily glow moisturizer in a bottle at Victoria's Secret? Is it working? Let me know!
  2. I found self-tanners to be too much work for my lazy self, so now I've moved on to bronzers, but otherwise I've decided to embrace my paleness :P.

    I'm using an Estee Lauder product now, and I've heard great things about Armani bronzers.

    Good luck in your search!!
  3. Love the Armani bronzers, they have different ones, powder or fluid sheer or gel. The fluid sheer has subtle shimmer which gives your skin a natural glow, the gel one doesn't have shimmer. You can mix the fluid sheer or gel ones to your current foundation to blend the colour of your tan or just use them alone. I love the fluid sheer becaue of this reason, and also after being out in the sun, use the fluid sheer alone will give such a Ad-looking glow. I sometimes also mix it with sunblock too.:rochard: