Need to exchange Charmy w/ PEELING STRAPS! Thoughts on Princey Hobo/Abbey Shoulder?

  1. Hi! I'm new to this forum. Found it when doing a google search to see if anyone else had reported problems with their straps. Got my first Gucci 6 weeks ago. The Charmy with the outside pocket and the hardware. Loved it! But now the straps are peeling on the sides! :tdown: I was told by the sales manager that they have had lots of problems with this particular bag and the straps. (Again - :hysteric) I got it at a 30% employee discount from my best friend's MIL and the gucci store by me is being very helpful. Now I just need to decide whether to try another charmy or get a different one.

    Anyway - I am considering exchanging it for either the Princey Medium Hobo or the Abbey Medium Shoulder Bag since both are the same price as the one I had. The Abbey is the one that looks sort of like a Hobo shape and has the tab snap enclosure. I was wondering what people's experience with these bags has been in terms of comfort carrying on the shoulder, ability to fit stuff in it without the bag sagging, and obviously the wear and tear.

    Any insight, opinions or other ideas would be appreciated very much!!!
  2. I would go with the Abbey Ellipse you mentioned. I have it myself and imo the Abbey line itself is a staple Gucci item. Personally I have never taken a liking to the Charmy line.
  3. I just bought a Princy hobo yesterday. So far, I love it. It's much more roomy than I thought it would be.

  4. I posted to another thread about changing colors on black leather, so thought I'd add it here. I was back in my Nordstrom today looking at Gucci styles and had a longer discussion with the sale lady. She said most black leather bags have been having issues with the leather turning red-ish or purpleish. She actually pulled several items and pointed it out to me on walletts also :wtf:. I was stunned. She also said Gucci does not have the life time warranty some of the others have.., but said they were trying to fix/replace problem bags. But she said its to the point that they are going to carry very few in black leather. I didnt see any peeling, and she didnt mention that, but the color changing was on straps, walletts and the purses themselves. She did say the more "rugged" leather didnt have the problem (I think the abby is more rugged). Good Luck.
  5. With the dark brown trim. My only concern is that it seems the poor woman's pellham? Like it doesn't have all the jazzy straps and such. I really like it - but I'm wondering about that. I'm so embarrassed for even thinking that when its such an expensive purse for me! LOL! Do you think it looks like that or no?
  6. Mine actually wasn't black leather. It was the canvas with the brown leather. My friend just got the black patent leather one with the GG logo in red and green. I'll have to remember this if she has a problem with hers too like you did.

    The edges of the straps on mine are just peeling off in thin rubbery strips. The manager said it had to do with the sealing that they do at the end or something. Also, the brown leather piping on the bottom is peeling too. I was soooooooo disappointed. I've only ever bought Coach and Burberry, so this was a big "step" for me. I love Gucci and have always coveted a bag. I may have to hang around here a while to learn more, so the next time there is a sale I can grab one with a lighter trim for "summer."
  7. Hehe... Not at all! I understand what you mean though. Originally when I first saw the Abbey I thought it was plain and boring, but it really grew on me and now it's one of my favourite bags! The bag looks very chic with the metal accents and studs and is very easy to use, you can stuff everything inside. Of course, it does have a strong resemblance shape-wise to the pelham, but if you like it, go for it! Good luck!
  8. I'm pretty sure that the Abbey Ellipse came before the Pelham. I personally don't like the Pelham even though it is popular, and no I didn't choose the Abbey cos it was cheaper. It's much simpler and suits me better. As for choosing a bag, imo, you should choose a bag cos of whether you like it, not as what you want to be perceived to me. This applies to anything designer personally.
  9. Abbey is a classic.
    I love my abbey and use it as an everyday bag. Although it seems plain at first it really does grow on you and it is surprisingly roomy inside. I have the fabric with brown trim.
    Shocking to hear about the peeling straps!! That is totally wrong... you would think they might recall the bag if they are receiving so many complaints.
    Let us know which one you choose!!
    Best of luck.
  10. I had the same problem with my jolicoeur tote and I took it back! Didn't get another bag though
  11. Wow, I hadn't heard anything about the black leather having problems with discoloration. I will be keeping an eye out for any problem with my bag. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. This probably should be true. Seems to me though that the top reason - or at least one of the top reasons- for most people buying an expensive designer bag is the thrill of the "status" symbol it is to carry one. You don't think?
  13. That's not quite what I mean (never been very good with words :p). I personally don't buy bags for the 'status' symbol. Personally I think that is the wrong reason to buy bags, though I know this is one of th main reasons people do. Don't get me wrong, I don't think any less/more of people who do do this. Just that personally I think that if I bought bags for that reason, it would be wrong of me. That's just what I think personally and I only apply it to myself. Yes I have a warped sense of morals. :okay:
  14. i have the abbey yall are talking about..i just love my peeling straps here..then again i've only had it for a few months