need to decide fast! chestnut or mouse stam hobo??

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  1. i am so CONFUSED and INDECISIVE now.
    i love both colors.. but i'm only able to get one of them.. it's been in my mind for almost a month now.

    which color do u girls like better???????
    stam hobo.JPG stam mouse.JPG
  2. In this case I like the Chestnut better. The Mouse looks too washed out IMO. Good luck!
  3. Chestnut! The colour is rich and look classier than Mouse. chestnut... chestnut... :balloon:
  4. i like the chestnut too..
  5. Another vote for chestnut. I love the richness of it!
  6. Chestnut, all the way!
  7. MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cuz i have one and i love it :smile:
    it's such a unique color you won't be able to find anywhere else, plus it can be formal and casual!
    One more thing to add, mine went through snow and rain for months and still looks brand new, no stains or marks whatsoever.
  8. Another vote for Chesnut! :biggrin:
  9. chestnut

    I think it will be a better investment in the long term.
  10. Mouse. I think Chestnut is such an odd brown.
  11. I love the chestnut, I have the mouse and the color doesn't pop like chestnut seems to....
  12. yeaah i was thinking about that too.. but i'm still confused.. i love both colors.. :wondering
  13. reallyyyy????? how long u've had ur mouse?
  14. omg... I like mouse too. I think this color is more versatile than chestnut, since it can be worn with cool and some warm colors.
  15. oh geez.. chestnut color is definitely pops more than mouse.. but everytime i look at mouse, there's something in that color that just intrigues me..

    oh girls please help me make a decision.. what wud you wear with mouse/chestnut?