Need to tote, Gucci Britt or chanel cambon

  1. In the quest for finding the right tote for everyday/work, I have boiled it down to two:

    1. Gucci Britt black tote

    2. Chanel Cambon black with patent black cc.

    I am TORN. I love both........I wish I can have both:sad:

    I understand the cambon is difficult to find, but I have my eyes open. I'll keep looking. If I decide to get the chanel, I will have my SA at chanel look around,

    What do u think????????
  2. I prefer the Gucci by far!!!!!
  3. Honestly i'd go with the Gucci :smile:
  4. Gucci
  5. Chanel!!!
  6. I like the guccci
  7. I like both, but the Gucci's delicate straps would worry me for long-term use.
  8. Chanel!! :yes:
  9. I agree. The straps on chanel look sturdy. I am still unable to make a decision!!
  10. Chanel!
  11. CHANEL! CHANEL! CHANEL! They should pay me for this kind of advertising LOL.
  12. Gucci Britt it is stunning
  13. This Gucci style is newer than Chanel.

    Anyway, Chanel brand is much more better and I love Cambon line.

    I never buy Gucci if it is not on sale. Quality of Fake Gucci is so good too but the Fake cambon one couldn't compare to the real one.

    For me, I will absolutely go for a Chanel.
  14. Do you think cambon is passé? Gucci Britt is maybe more sophisticated, do u agree? I really don't know. The price will end up bieng close. the gucci is around 1,700 and the cambon f I am lucky to find it should be around 1500. Its a big purchase for me and I want to make sure I use it for the next 10 years. Has anyone had problems with the Britt hardware easily scratching? Ugh.........I really want both!!! :confused1: :confused1:
  15. Do you eventually plan on trying to get both? If so, I would say get the cambon first. I know they are discontinuing that line in favor of the newer cotton club style, so the older ones won't be made after a certain point. So time is limited on that one.