Need to complain

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  1. I basically can't wear regular shoes every day and have to switch back and forth with my MBTs because of back pain, rib pain and general malaise (I'm a fibromyalgia sufferer and when it acts up, these are the only shoes I can walk in).

    Why, oh why are these shoes so darned butch????:crybaby: Here I am trying to be more feminine and here these shoes scream total asexuality at best.

    I just want a pretty pair of comfortable, supportive shoes. Something feminine yet comfortable in which I can stand on the metro and not ache. Clarks used to be pretty good, but once you're at the point where you need MBTs, clarks don't cut it for daily use. (which reminds me, I'd better sell my clarks or give them away.)

    Okay, that was it. Thanks for listening!
  2. Okay. I hear you :yes: I suggest a pair of Ecco. It's very comfortable walking shoe.
  3. Have you tried either Taryn Rose or Tara Subkoff for Easy Spirit?
    Taryn Rose was a former orthopedic surgeon who started designing more fashiony shoes that still are comfortable and good for your feet.
    Tara Subkoff for Easy Spirit are more fashion oriented but still are made by Easy Spirit so I'd imagine still very foot friendly? I've never seen/tried any though...
  4. How about Dr. Scholls? I wear them when my feet/body hurts or when I want to be comfortable.