Need to choose - Kristen satchel or pleated satchel

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  1. I cannot decide. I love the shape of both. I think the pleated satchel is more roomy. Opinions?
  2. I LOVE the look of the smaller satchels more! I would lose everything in the pleated satchel. It's too deep.
  3. The pleated satchel reminds me a little of the shape of my Kristin zip-top tote, where I lose things all the time in the roomy interior (it's GREAT for carrying lots of stuff, but if you can FIND that stuff, it's a bit of a minor miracle!).

    I just got a large black kristin satchel from the 'bay, and have been loving it because it's not too deep/long (so you don't lose your things inside the bag!) and there are two zippered compartments, which help with organizing.

    Just saying. I think the pleated satchel is beautiful, but I would have to wonder about its practicality. Perhaps an purse insert would help organize it?

    Good luck with your decision!
  4. The pleated satchel is very pretty but overall I prefer the Kristin satchel.
  5. As you can tell from my Avatar, I am partial to the regular satchel. I LOVE the shape. I ordered a Pleated last PCE, and because I am very petite, it looked like a briefcase, so I didn't keep her.

    I agree with the other ladies, finding things in the Pleated Satchel, would be extraordinarily difficult! I sometimes even have trouble with my Regular Satchel, with the compartments overlapping and that is annoying all on its own - the bigger bag would drive me nuts!

    The Regular Satchel is more detailed. And the shape is timeless, but different. I get a TON of compliments. One thing to note in either case: not sure if you're considering a color, but I notice that the leather has faded overtime and has some small spots of discoloration, not sure if they're waterspots or from one of my many Starbucks drinks.
  6. Thanks for the input, ladies. You may be right, the pleated satchel may end up being the black hole.

    I have several large Sabrinas, and the amount of room is perfect for me. I was worried the regular Kristen satchel might be too small. The shape is soooo pretty though.

    Xtina983, I'm leaning toward the brown/bronze (both are available in that color) since the brown is lighter and more cognac, not dark brown, and I think it would be a great neutral.
  7. I have several large Sabrinas, and the amount of room is perfect for me. I was worried the regular Kristen satchel might be too small. The shape is soooo pretty though.

    If you like the size of the large Sabrina then the pleated satchel should be perfect.
    The Kristen satchel is on the small side, IMHO. I liken it to the small Sabrina.
  8. I'd def go with the the lighter brown - its TDF. And, in that color, I doubt you'll ever notice the fading! :biggrin:
  9. Unfortunately I don't have a Coach store where I live so I'm ordering online. I wish I could see everything in person first!
  10. Tough decision. I'm on the same boat as you. Both are gorgeousn but I have a bag by Dulce which I use everyday and it the exact shape as the pleated satchel. And yes its hard to find small stuff. My remedy to that is that I bought the poppy chan make up case and put my little things ie pens and what not inside. I love the look of the satchel I just wish it was bigger.
  11. I vote for the regular satchel. I saw the pleated one and it is almost deeper than wider. If it makes sense to you...