Need to choose, how much grapite is too much graphite?

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  1. I personally wouldn't buy two bags in similar colors like that, especially if you are downsizing. JMO!
  2. What was wrong with amethyst?
    You seem to change your mind every time something new comes out. What can you really not live without?
  3. I know you said you want patent, but what if you compromised and got the gray maggie in regular leather so that it would still have some variation from the Sabrina? Of course, I have the gray maggie so I am biased:smile: If not, then maybe you should wait and see what colors come out next in Maggie in patent. I just think that once the high of getting the Maggie subsides, you'll be left thinking "What the heck did I do that for?" I think that in terms of functionality, the Maggie and Sabrina are too much alike to have them both in the same color. If one were a like a crossbody and the other were a shoulder; or one were a super dressy bag and the other were a more casual...Well then I could see it making more sense. Just my opinion - not sure if it helps....
  4. I'd get the Maggie in another color -- I tend to buy the same style of bag in different colors, but not the same color in different styles. The cobalt is super pretty and would go with a lot of things and you should call JAX and ask about the black for sure. If your not set on patent, the Maggie does come in black in the regular leather as well.
  5. I personally wouldn't get two graphites. I have the graphite maggie and adore it, but it would lose some of it's sheen if I got another bag so similar in color.
  6. what is that supposed to mean candace???

    i don't change my mind "every time" something new comes out, i dont have anything from the newer lines at all, like the parker, bonnie, poppy... I haven't bought many bags in the past months, and just bkz i really like the maggie dosen't mean i change my mind all the time!
  7. thats what i was thinking, that they are both so different in style! with my second baby i'd need a larger purse with different compartments, so i can carry diapers and a few extras in my purse as well, and the sabrina is rather a "going out on weekends" bag for me, too small for those extras... I'm defenitely set on a maggie :smile:. I love my graphite sabrina, i don't think i ever liked a bag this much in a certain color... better than a black bag ;) i guess i m gonna have to go and look at both of them on monday, and see if the color will work...
  8. that's another thought i was having as well... but the graphite is sooo beautiful, i never liked a coach gray as much as this one, so maybe it will be ok...?! We'll see...

    Thanks everyone for your opinions, I will propably go to the store on monday to compare colors and sizes...
  9. I'd only get one myself. I know one of them would end up sitting in the closet unused and lonely :sad:

  10. It doesn't mean anything other than what I what's with the defensiveness :smile:
  11. I say buy what you like and can take it home and think about it as long as you don't carry it. they may come out with a new color this fall you like better and if you haven't carried it, you could trade it in. smile you have a new coach.....:biggrin: