Need to choose, how much grapite is too much graphite?

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  1. Ok, so here's my dilemma. When I found out Coach was making Sabrinas in patent I ran to the store and exchanged my amethyst for the grapite patent. It was a close call btwn graphite and cobalt, but I choose graphite due to "everyday" wear options...

    NOW- I desperately MUST HAVE a patent maggie BUT- I want her to be a type of "everyday" color as well, one that dosen't pop (like cinnamon) and one that's patent. The cobalt looks nice but may be too bright. So is it crazy to have two bags in the same graphite color? I can't and won't give up my sabrina, so should i dare to buy the maggie in the same color? i ask bkz i'm cutting down my collection and hope to have only a few coach bags for a while, to appreciate them more. So my collection would consist of two graphite bags, a metallic bridgit and a pink hs convertible hobo... crazy?

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  2. I personally wouldn't have both of the graphite sabrina and maggie, but that's just me. I tend not to have duplicates of the same or similar colors, which I guess is my practical side. For example, I have 1 black bag, 1 metallic, various bags in different colors, 1 white, etc. I just don't see a need for it for me personally. It also really helps me when go to change my bag. When I need a black bag, I only have one to select from, so it definitely makes it easy on me. With that said, the sabrina and maggie are two very different bags, so I guess you have to take that into consideration too.
  3. How 'bout instead of the graphite get the black patent maggie instead? I think two different bags in the same color would be too much JMHO
  4. I wouldn't get both in the same color because I would want to use them both on the same days and not use them on the same days, etc. Is there another color of the Maggie that you like?
  5. wait, i thought there is no black patent maggie ???
  6. I saw black patent on the Japan site. You may be able to order it from JAX.
  7. The Sabrina and Maggie are such different styles, I think it would be fine to get the Maggie in graphite. If you're still hesitant, maybe look into the black patent as other posters have suggested, or wait until new colors are released (this has been a popular bag, so I would imagine--hope!--that Coach has additional colors in the works for fall). Good luck!
  8. I don't think it will be a big deal ONLY because the bags are so differnt in style and to me the color has a different effect on each of the bags. I hope that makes some kind of sense.
  9. i'd not get both in graphite patent
    maybe 1 cobalt, 1 graphite
  10. it's the same logic as having two brown bags or two black bags. you can have two graphite if you like them, you can afford them and they look nice:smile:
  11. I'm really glad I'm not the only one going through this dilemma. When I first saw pics of the patent graphite Sabrina I knew I had to have her. Then I found out the Maggie was coming out in the same color and decided I had to have her too. I even tried her on at the boutique and everything and she fits great on my shoulder. But I only like the graphite color, not the others. So I've been going nuts trying to figure out which bag I should have.

    I personally think that because the color is exactly the same I only should have one bag or the other - but that's just me! You get to choose whatever you want to do. I am leaning toward the Maggie because I already own a Sabrina. Both styles of bags are fabulous and that's what is making it hard. I think I would truly have both if finances allowed, but I like to have a variety in my collection. All of my bags are different from each other.
  12. Take the Sabrina with you when you go to buy the Maggie. If they are too much alike you can choose something else. There's nothing like holding a bag in hand to tell whether it's the "right" one.

    Personally I go for different colors for variety, except for the "neutrals" of black, white, natural, etc. mine tend to go different colors and styles for more choice when I go to use a bag. Just more fun, KWIM?
  13. I agree.

    For me, I tend to only want 1 bag per color. My only exception so far has been black (I have 2 - one is a more dressy bag and one is more casual).

    For me, the difference in the Sabrina vs Maggie in 'functionality' isn't that too much, so I would only get one or the other.

    I limit the number of bags I have so I don't want them to be even close to being similar, but that's just me.
  14. Is it one of your favorite colors? I can't tell you how many pink and purple bags I have!
  15. If you are downsizing your collection, then I definitely would NOT get a maggie in graphite as well. I'd actually hold out for the next color set in Maggie if you are feeling that the cobalt is a bit too much on this particular style. With a smaller collection, I'd rather have variety in style and color, as opposed to just style.