Need to Choose: Cartier or Tiffany

  1. Anyone out there have an opinion on this?

    Sweetie and I am looking at two rings. One is at Cartier, it is 1.22 G VS2 in the 1895 setting. Long story, but they originally misquoted us on the price and are honoring the original price, so now we can get a little bit of a deal on it. We have not seen this ring yet in person but it is being brought in tomorrow.

    In the mean time we found a ring at Tiffany that would be the runner up if the original price at Cartier had not been honored. It is 1.21 H VS1 in the 6 prong setting. Basically the same price as the ring above.

    So no-brainer, right, go with the one you are getting a deal on? Well, here is the catch. I got the GIA certs on both and the H stone at Tiffany is a cut grade Excellent, and the G stone at Cartier is only a cut grade Very Good. I was quite frankly shocked. For what Cartier charges I would expect the cut grade to be Excellent. Again, have not seen the Cartier ring in person yet. The Tiffany ring is gorgeous. Even though it is an H, compared to a D it still looked white (must be that Excellent cut!), and it just sings.

    So, I won't see the G at Cartier until tomorrow, but seeing the GIA certificate on it really burst my bubble since Cut is the most critical of the 4 Cs. Any thoughts?
  2. Congrats on your upcoming engagement! :flowers:

    I would reserve judgment on the rings until you've seen both with your own eyes. Look first at the stones/rings and THEN at the certs. The certs are great to look at but you won't be carrying that around so look at the actual piece to determine if you love it or not. Go with the one you fall in love with.
  3. i am sure that both of the jewelers offer excellent merchandise. i have not purchased from either but would not have a problem doing so. i have no personal knowledge but have read in more than one place on the net that tiffany has their own grading system and does not use gia. is that not correct? you mentioned that you have seen both certs were they both gia?

    i am like you i would go for the deal especially since it is a higher color if the cert issue and the cut were equal. i think that the jeweler can choose what parameters he considers to be ideal but you did not mention that term so i am a bit confused. if they give enough info on how the diamond is cut you can check out those specs yourself. sorry i am not much help. i am interested in how this turns out for you. maybe someone else has more knowledge. good luck! :yes:
  4. Maria,

    One cannot tell the difference in color side by side (in essence D to E, E to F, G to H et cetera). One can only tell a difference when you go over in color one more (in essence D to F, E to G, F to H). Tiffany's will have their own certificate in addition to a GIA. The cut is the most important factor in a diamond. I would definitely not sacrifice the cut of a diamond. IF you prefer the look of the Cartier find a similar stone with a better cut. IF you prefer the look of the Tiffany, by all means go for the Tiffany. Do yourself a favor and look at more than one stone from each Jeweler. You would be surprised at what you might find.

    Good luck,

  5. Definitely the cut is the most important quality because it is the most visible trait. Well, that and color, but with the ranges you are looking at, they are indistinguishable. You might want to also look at the polish and symmetry on the certificates. All 3 (cut, polish and symmetry) determine how sparkly your diamond is. Congratulations!
  6. congrats on your engagement! definitely go for the one you love the most. but you should definitely shop around and see if you can get a better deal =)
  7. I loooooove the Cartier 1895 setting:love: , and as much as I adore T&Co, there's just something about a 6-prong setting that doesn't seem as "pretty" to me... (but that's just me)....

    That being said...a diamond with a great cut will generally look bigger/whiter anyway, and most of us can't eyeball the diff btwn a 1.2ct or 1.5ct, let alone the diff btwn G & H colors w/out a side-by-side comparison....

    Yes, get whatever ring sings most beautifully to your heart...

    and....diamond_lover is right in that whatever price/deal you make at cartier & t&co, you would still be able to find a comparable quality diamond in a custom setting for less with more shopping around, or put the difference into a larger/better quality diamond... but then... there's something about being able to walk into & out a boutique with the reciept, box, shopping bag & all that still gets me... :rolleyes:
  8. Congrats on your engagement Maria! The 1895 setting from Cartier is gorgeous:yes: Have a look at both certs and stones too se which one speaks to you.
  9. Thank you all for your feedback! It is nice to hear different perspectives.

    I am leaning towards the Tiffany ring because I found a diamond performance calculator online, and the Cartier stone rated a Fair-Good while the Tiffany was an Excellent. I wanted to stay with an G color at Cartier because I (and my friend and the SA) could see that little tinge of yellow in an H stone I was looking at there, big difference when compared to a G. I asked the SA at Tiffany about that there is a range within color grades and Tiffany only carries the highest color within that range so that you will never have it appraised as being less than the color on the certification. I also think because a higher cut grade sends back more light that the sparkle compensates for a lower color.

    At the end of the day I know its all about personal taste as to which stone is prettier. I love 1895 setting, and won't make a final decision until I see this particular ring in person. I just don't understand how a high end jeweler could carry a less than Excellent cut. There are enough excellent cut diamonds out there and the prices of these rings made me assume there would be nothing below that. I know I could by the diamond separately and have it set for a lot less money, but I appreciate the higher quality setting and I like the peace of mind of getting it from a reputable jeweler (more faith that they don't deal in conflict diamonds, more faith that it really is a natural unmodified stone, that the GIA cert wasn't faked). It was like when I bought a Bose off of eBay, there was always this lingering doubt in my mind that it was a fake.

    Anyway, we are making the final call today. I will let you know how it goes!
  10. I'm biased...have the Cartier 1895 and love it to death!!! :love:

    I do agree with everyone, judge with your eyes as to which one you think is prettier.
  11. I think you need to see both, don't base your decision purely on the certs.!! Very good is only one step down from Excellent, who cares is what I say, if it looks beautiful who is going to know that the cut is only very good.......I think my stone is very good, or maybe even just good, and I don't care because I love it. To me in some ways it's like someone telling me some type of beef is the best you can buy, since I'm a vegetarian that's neither here nor there..... Imagine you're looking at the ring not knowing anything about the grade, price, brand, etc. and make your decision that way, that's what I did. We actually bought my stone having been told it was an SI2 but I thought it looked so pretty, well when it came back from being GIA certified it turned out to be a VVS2......and I still loved it just the same.
  12. The difference between "very good" and "ideal" is so slight that you will not be able to tell the difference. Go with the ring that you LOVE and don't worry about the rest. Congratulations on your engagement. That is the most special part of all.
  13. Well the winner of this round is ....


    The Tiffany ring just has a little more zing to it. The 1895 setting is beautiful and I can appreciate the workmanship of both, but in the end the stone won out.

    My sweetie had a great perspective on it. He compared it to BMW and Mercedes. Both are in a similar price range, but if you want a high performance vehicle you would go with the BMW and if you want a luxury feel you would go with the Mercedes. He said looking for more unique pieces of other jewelry he would go to Cartier, but we both agree that for this ring we like the Tiffany better.
  14. My sweetie had a great perspective on it. He compared it to BMW and Mercedes. Both are in a similar price range, but if you want a high performance vehicle you would go with the BMW and if you want a luxury feel you would go with the Mercedes.

    I never met a BMW that didn't become a small dot in my rear view mirror!!!!!(And that includes the M5);)

    Congratulations though:jammin:
  15. I love the cartier 1985 with the pave' stones on the side. Classic and will never go out of style.