Need to choose a bag

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  1. I finish exams in a few days and want to splurge on a new bag. I love the Mulberry roxanne in python but for that amount of money, I can get a Louis Vuitton denim baggy PM and a YSL Muse. Should I get two bags or one?

    The python Roxanne is supposedly limited edition and I'm afraid I won't be able to find it again if I pass on it.

    But is a python roxanne completely OTT - it looks gorgeous.

    I so hate decisions. Opinions would be welcome. Regards
  2. IMO the LV denim is so overpriced. I'd get the roxanne or the muse. But try them on first. Very diff. bags.
  3. Hi estile or anyone else, how much is the LV denim? If it's a few hundred dollars, perhaps it's better to get something off Forzieri's - some lovely leather bags there.
    YSL Muse + ? Italian bag look good to me :biggrin:
  4. Hard to know if a python bag is over the top. It really depends on how you feel about it. I think it could be OK.
  5. I would personally choose the Muse since I hate denim bags and python. Do you have pictures of the python bag...I'm just trying to imagine it. Also, good luck on your exams!
  6. I'd have to still say Muse over the denim baggy. I had the LV denim baggy before I was able to get rid of it, and it's just too much monogram for me. I just felt like I was basically a walking label for LV (which is great if that's the look you're looking for). So although I'm not a big fan of the Muse, I do appreciate its beauty. And at least it's leather and the inside is too gorgeous.
  7. I would get 2 bags. While the Roxanne is really nice, I've had a python bag before and it loses its allure fast.
  8. I love louis vuitton but have to go with ysl.
  9. I have to say YSL in this case. Enjoy! whatever you decide on.
  10. I'd go for a Muse. A python Roxanne is a little too "much" for me. I think a Muse is a classic. A denim LV is too much monogram for me--but it's a cute fun style--I just don't think I could spend that much for denim.
  11. YSL muse!!! It's gonna be a classic, matches with mny clothes and so stylish. LV denim baggy...too much monogramme. Mulberry Roxanne..OTT.;)
  12. Python Roxanne, definately!
  13. Not a denim fan, would go for a roxy or a muse. You should probably try them on and see how you feel about them, they are totally different. Also depends on your lifestyle - would you have more use for a dressier bag (muse) or a glam bag (python)?
  14. The Muse if you want a classic,good quality everyday bag that will stand the test of time.

    The python Roxanne would be my choice if you want a stand-out version of a cult favourite which is also a classic.You probably won't wear it that much,but it'll wow you each time you do.

    The denim bag....I truly dislike it.