need to choose 2...please help (Sapin, blurberry and Blue India)

  1. Ladies....I know I am always asking what color to get. I ordered blueberry part time and Blue india part time. But I just read old thread on part time style and part time is not too popular here. I think it is a bit long for my liking too. So please please help me decide

    Blue India Work
    Blueberry part time
    Sapin twiggy

    I need to choose 2 out of these options:yes:
  2. I would say definitely the blue india work.

    I'm not a huge fan of either the part-time or twiggy style, but love the blueberry color. If you have never tried on a part-time and know the twiggy style works for you, I would say go for that.
  3. i would say the BI work.
    i owned a twiggy once and hated the size and sold it.
    part time haven't really tried the size however i don't really like things that are long, so since i didn't like the twiggy..i'm sure i won't like the part time.
  4. Blue india work & Sapin twiggy!
  5. I ditto spiral.:yes:
    Of all those blueberry is my favorite color, but I'm not a fan of the PT.
  6. Blue India Work
    Blueberry part time

    i admire the blues.... :smile:
  7. BI work and sapin twiggy, but i would rather go for sapin work and bluebery twiggy.

  8. Blueberry work and sapin twiggy ....
  9. Definitely the Blue India Work and a Sapin..City?
    I know this was not an option but I don't really like the twiggy ot the part time that much..
    Anyway, let us know what you decide!:yes:
  10. Blueberry City and Sapin Twiggy get my vote!
  11. Thanks all for helping me:love:

    I have to choose between blue india work, blueberry part time and sapin twiggy. I love the blueberry color but I am not too keen on the part time style....too long for my liking and I am fairly short 5'3''.

    I wish there is an option of getting blueberry work/city or even sapin work/city....but they don't have them in stock:crybaby:
  12. I happen to like the part time. If it were in Sapin I'd say keep it.

    I'd keep the BI Work and the Sapin Twiggy. I love the color Sapin. A definite keeper for me. Plus the work fits alot of stuff. Good everyday bag.
  13. Blue India Work
    Blueberry part time

    2 Blues...but very different !!!
  14. Sapin and Blue India!

    I'm biased tho b/c I have a Sapin Work and a BI City... :yes:
  15. Hi Yaya! I would go with the blue india work and sapin twiggy because they are fairly different bags from each other - rather than getting 2 blues. Plus the work and part time styles are pretty close, so the sapin twiggy would also be good to have. :smile: