Need To Buy...

  1. Ok, I need to buy something from LV soon because... Well, I just want to. I don't want to buy any more wallets or bags, so what item would you suggest? I don't want a scarf or jewellery either... I was thinking more of like, an accessory or something. I was thinking maybe a glasses case? Or an iPod case? I want a mobile phone case but I didnt find any on the official website. So, reccommendations please! THANKS. :heart:
  2. How about sunglasses? They are so cool!
  3. You could use the cigarette case for a mobile phone case? What about sunglasses?
  4. how bout wapity?
  5. Uhm, I was thinking more in the line of "leather goods". Sunglasses are way too pricey considering they're just glasses lol.
  6. What would a wapity case hold exactly? I've only seen pics of it online and it looks way too small.
  7. How about a cles or an agenda? Get something from pomme or framboise, they are so hot! :love:
  8. :yes: :yes:
  9. business card case? coin purse?

    oh or cell phone accessories/charm?
  10. Pochette Macao or Wapity or Pochette Cancun...
  11. The only 'bad' part about getting an iPod case is that once Apple comes out with something new or your iPod dies, your new iPod won't fit the old case, so I think of it as kind of a waste, just IMHO.
    However, I agree with others that the Wapity is a good one to get. You could fit your iPod in there, or a camera, money and cosmetics, etc. It's a good all-around investment to carry your odds and ends, and you can always throw it inside of another LV bag you own.
  12. Mono Credit Card holder? Cles?

    They also just came out with a new Damier Ipod Holder for the Ipod Video. Saw it in the boutique this past Sunday.
  13. The pochette cosmetique is so cute. I also love the key holders or a cles.
  14. a cles!