NEED to buy miroir pochette

  1. I have just found out that the soap opera I have watched since it first aired (PASSIONS) has been cancelled. I can not tell you how mad I am.:hysteric:

    To make myself feel better I have decided to buy the miroir pochette. I just feel I need more miroir :p

    but gold or silver??????????????????????​
  2. Gold! I have both and I like it in Gold better.
  3. i dnt have..

    gold is gorgeous
  4. I love my gold one!
  5. Gold vote here. :smile:
  6. Passions was cancelled? Why?
  7. you won't even believe it! They are adding ANOTHER hour to the Today show (who needs FOUR hours!?!?!)

    so they bumped Passions!

    Nothing is wrong in my life but the moment I heard this I feel as if things are just falling apart....:crybaby:

    sounds like the gold pochette is coming to my house:love:
  8. silver
  9. i have never watched soap operas or gotten into them, but justin hartley (AKA smallville's green arrow -- YUM -- [​IMG] ) used to be on that show. i believe his wife still is?
  10. That's weird about Passions. I thought it was filmed here.

    Anyway, I'd go with the gold. I have that one and it's adorable.
  11. yupp...he played Nicholas Foxworth Crane ..or just Fox
    and his wife Lindsay plays the main character favorite character in the world on any show..

    it's just so sad
  12. i like the silver more
  13. I never watched passions, but I heard it was real good...anyways go with the gold! :p
  14. WHAT!!! Passions is being cancelled. I have never EVER missed an episode of it.
  15. then I am SOOO sorry to have you hear it like this...I found out on the passions message board when I was trying to find something else...

    it sucks and there just are no words....:crybaby: