need to be reassured....

  1. I just sent back my large Bottega Veneta black hobo to Neiman Marcus. Reason being: I just got a black Chanel Vintage Ligne tote this morning and I don't need two big black bags AND I just got a paddy hobo and a Dior double gaucho. The thing is, if I didn't want the balenciaga day, I would have kept it, but I have been on a spree and need to calm down. It will be okay, won't it?!?!:shrugs:
  2. sure it will be okay hon... most of the times, what we need is far less than what we want.
    it would be such a waste to have too many black bags. you can use the money to get something more colourful :P
  3. It'll all work itself out. :yes: Keep the bags you really enjoy and have wanted, and look forward to those you really know you want. For all the others, follow your gut instinct. If it's something you're not sure about, don't worry about returning it.
  4. Aw - hugs.

    It'll be fine - there's always another fabulous bag around the corner :smile:
  5. The large BV Black hobo (beautiful) is a BV classic & they come out each season and so should be available for you down the road if it turns out your really want it later on. The bags & styles/colors you are got and are getting are seasonal (& perhaps some even limited) & so getting those would be a higher priority. You made a good decision. :smile:
  6. I agree - I think you made the right decision.

    Its horrible though when you return something and then have second thoughts.

    Don't stress - just enjoy your new chanel!!
  7. It will be ok. We've all been there once or twice.
  8. I think you made the right decision. Gorgeous new bags are always out there for us, better to wait and feel good about your finances:smile:
  9. u made the right choice.. chanel in nicer and classier IMO
  10. its a good choice... you can always get the classic black later on... and plus it would also be good reason to look at bags in popping colors. :smile: