Need tips & pointers to list a bag on ebay

  1. Hello! Seems like a lot of you are veteran eBay sellers... can you give me tips?

    I've read a lot of horror stories...
    So far, I've read to not allow buyers with zero feedback, request immediate payment, add a tyvek tag... BUT WHAT ELSE?

    thanks in advance:yes:
  2. I know now that I will only bid on items that say 100% authentic or money back. If they say NO REFUNDS ALL SALES ARE FINAL. I now shy away from them. I also want to see A LOT of pictures, including the back, sides, hardware,tags and or labels, and especially the inside of the bag.
  3. just because the seller says it's 100% authentic or money back does not mean it's real and of course they say money back b/c thats how they lure people but keep in mind also that eBay is not a store so many sellers don't accept returns thats why you must ask questions before you bid
  4. ^^^ What solidgold2 said.
    I am an honest seller but I don't offer returns. Why? Because every single listing has between 10-16 photos on it, my photos are crystal clear, and my description is detailed to the point of boring people with the details! I answer every question promptly, most within an hour, and obviously I ONLY sell authentic.
    I don't offer returns because 1) some of my items are consignments, 2) I don't trust people to send back the same thing they received, seller's mark or not, and 3) even if they send it back, it is never in the condition in which it was sent.
    That being said, I am a very reasonable person and if there is truly some issue with the purchase, I will do my best to work it out with the buyer.

    Anyway. Sorry if this is not answering your original question directly!!
    For me, the most important things about selling on eBay safely include:
    1) loads and loads of clear photos of all angles of the bag and any identifying marks of authenticity
    2) adding a seller's mark somewhere invisible on the bag OR a tyvek tag
    3) stating the provenance of the bag if possible or necessary
    4) requiring immediate payment on any BIN or fixed price listing
    5) deciding ahead of time which countries you will and will not ship to, and knowing VERY well exactly what it costs to ship an item of the packaged weight and size you will end up with
    6) insuring and tracking/delivery confirmation on ANY item; unless you are willing to lose both the money and the item, this is absolutely positively necessary
    7) communicate with your buyers! Send an end of auction email, send an invoice, send a thank you for payment with info about when and how you will ship, and send an email with tracking/delivery confirmation info once it has shipped.
    8) leave feedback LAST
    9) if all else fails and you just can't deal with all of this, consider using a trading assistant. It can be worth the percentage they take in order not to have to deal with the headaches.

    There's more, but those are the most important things I can think of right now. Good luck!
  5. oh I agree, I wouldn't bid on a bag just because it says 100% auth or money back. There are of course other things to consider as well. I just threw out a few things I look for when I go to purchase a bag... but of course I will not be bidding on ANYTHING until I come here to have it looked at!!
  6. CynthiaNYC - thank you so much, that is exactly what I needed to know. If you think of anything else, or have time... please share! I genuinely appreciate it!
  7. Thank you Cynthia! What a nice clear list! :tup:
  8. Great advice CynthiaNYC! I have some non-designer bags I'm going to list soon so that will definitely help!