Need tips on SPY bags...

  1. Hi all...

    I saw a gorgeous chocolate spy on a ladies arm and the leather was TDF. I must get one ASAP! =)

    Just needing some tips from you fendi girls. Does the leather scratch/fade easily? Is it still "in" or would you call it a classic piece? Also, are the chocolate spies hard to locate? I would appreciate your responses. Thanks in advance
  2. The spy is a classic bag, will be around for quite a while yet. Regarding fading, spies use to fade but the leather is now coated to protect it. You can still buy Chocolate spies in shops also on eBay, but get them check out here first.
    Spies are stunning, their is not another bag like them, but beware once you get one you need another
  3. ^ thanks for the valuable tips. So, is chocolate a limited edition color? Also, what brand do you recommend for the leather conditioner?
  4. I think chocolate is a standard colour. You can also try calling the boutiques. I would buy a new one as the new ones are coated differently and are more resistant to blushing.
  5. I have a chocolate from 1/2007, bought at Neimans. It's a deeper chocolate than the year before (which they had in stock in January.) it wears slightly on the edges (it is the newer "coated" leather).

    I like the way the wearing blends into the leather. and as for conditioner, i really don't use any. i've lightly coated it once with.....Kiwi clear polish/conditioner! and it works beautifully. no color change, and keeps it nice and supple.