Need timeless clutch prices in Paris

  1. I so need a timeless clutch in black patent right now. My mum's friend may be travelling to Paris soon, so I was thinking of asking her to get it for me. But I am not sure how much it would cost there, do you gals who live in Paris have any idea??? Would it be cheaper than in the US ($1125)? TIA!! :smile:
  2. I don't know about the patent, but the lambskin is Euros 800
  3. Thanks nizlay! That's what I needed to know! Now at least I have a basis for comparison..
  4. If I remember correctly, the caviar ones are 720 euro.
  5. Thanks! This really helps me a lot :yes:
  6. not forgetting the 13% off the retail px...
  7. Yessss you read my mind! Hehehee... Am getting my friend's bf to call up the stores in Paris to hunt one down for me! <keeping fingers crossed>
  8. So the 720 euro for a caviar is inclusive of the tax already??
  9. ^ yes I heard usually it's like that. but i forgot how much is the tax percentage in Paris? Any idea??
  10. you get 13% back when leaving France.
  11. The tax there (which is inclusive) is 19%. When you leave EU, you can claim VAT refund, which is 13%.
  12. oh cool so the price different is around $150+ huh??
    thanks for the confirmation btw
  13. Omg that makes it quite a bit cheaper than the US!! Ohhh, I hope I can track one down in Paris!
  14. I find buying in France saves about 15 to 20% than here in the US. Definitely get your clutch in Paris.

  15. yes,i got mine jumbo classic flap there too...abt 20% cheaper than sg

    I think chances are high:yes: