Need Thoughts on the MC Bandeaus... Black or White?

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  1. Taking advantage of the free shipping offer last week from elux, I ordered my very first LV scarf: the Multicolore Monogram Bandeau. The one in their picture is Black, which would match so nicely with my Black MC Pochette MM and my Black MC Wapity, both of which I am carrying in my Lichen (Mossy Green) Baggy GM these days. But, when the package arrived today, inside the box was a Blanco (white) MC Bandeau! :confused1:

    Thinking that either they shipped the wrong one, or I had ordered the wrong one, I went back to their site and saw that although the picture on elux is of a black one, the only color they have available is the white. Nobody's error. I apparently ordered the Blanco. Now, it is lovely... but, should I keep it or return it? I have no LV boutiques near me, so my only choices are elux, 1-866-LV, or eBay (which I have had really LOUSY experiences with lately, so I'm kinda "off" on that idea.)

    I was thinking I would tie it on the outside of the bag sometimes, or wear it in my hair, or tie it around my neck. How do you wear your bandeau? How do you coordinate it with your bags and accessories?
  2. Yeah, I caught that on Elux and had 866 send me a black one. I like the white as well and think they both look great. I say keep it and save another 120 dollars for the black.
  3. I :heart: both colors, really! I don't have a bandeau yet, I keep meaning to buy one, but all my other purchases keep getting in the way LOL. But I think it looks really nice when, like you said, people wear it in their hair, on their handbags, or on their wrist, so I would definitely keep it! And CONGRATS on your purchase, by the way!
  4. I love both colors but then I decided to buy the black one just because I'm not good at keeping things clean.
  5. I have both colors and love them. They look so cute in my hair and I like tying them to my bags occasionally. Mostly I wear them in my hair though.
  6. I prefer the black, but both are adorable!
  7. I have and love both but for some reason I prefer the black one.
    I also got the Perfo Orange one from eBay and it's to die for :heart:
  8. I got the black one and it doesn't look as good on my bags as a white one does in photos. Odd but it doesn't match as well as white does.
    So I vote keep your white. Or trade your white one with MY black one to me! hehe
    I can't get the hang of wearing them in my hair. They just feel weird and slip out. I've never worn my black one tho I have tied it on a bag just for photos for when I first got it. I keep thinking it will get damaged if I leave it on the bag and use it that way.
    Sadly I love bandeaus on everyone else but I'm prolly not a girl who can pull them off based on all that info. lol
  9. Ech poo... I can't justify having TWO of them! I'm not even sure I can justify one...? I'm still trying to figure out what is SO much better about these high-end scarves than Echo or Jones New York or Oscar DeLa Renta, you know, the ones you can buy discounted at Syms or TJMaxx.

    In any case, I got on the phone this afternoon with LV and they are still carrying the Black MC Bandeau, so I ordered one from them and will be returning the white one to elux. Unfortunately, the one from LV comes with charges for tax and shipping, which the elux did not. At least both women I spoke to (LV and elux) were absolutely professional and lovely on the phone.
  10. Well if you've got two black MC items to match it with, then you've made a good choice.

    I'm still waiting for a black MC bandeau to arrive to match my new black epi Keepall :biggrin:

    But I can't get the white one out of my head, so I think I'll end up getting that too :lol:
  11. Well..if you feel that way about the scarves in general then just return both and get something else instead.:yes:
  12. I thought about that... and I went and looked at some other scarves yesterday, and I posted another thread asking for opinions on "Why LV Scarves?" -- just 'cause I'm WONDERING. But, I don't want to NOT have an LV scarf, either. And I really LIKE the Black MC Bandeau, so I'm looking forward to getting it from LV.
  13. Lol. That would look cute though.I do like both but the pattern stands out more on the black so that's a good choice. The only thing is that there aren't any pink LVs on that one whereas there are on the white one-I hadn't even noticed that until I saw someone else here who had pointed that out.
    Which bag(s) will you put it on?
  14. I got the black thinking it would be a better choice for me, but it doesn't look as good on bags as the white does. So I regret not getting white now.
  15. I have the black and have worn it in my hair and as a belt. I can also replace the petit noe leather string and looks really cute.