Need these LV shoes!

  1. I need these has anyone seen them anywhere ?????????
  2. No. But OMG they are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I've seen the ballet version. Best bet is eBay as theyre a few years old
  4. wow, gorgeous!
  5. Yeah I saw a pair on eBay only the other week - they do them in the pink aswell
  6. they are lovely :smile: hope you manage to find them
  7. I saw them the other day when I went to pick up my sister's pochette. I didn't try them on, but they do look really cute :love:
  8. pretty! =)
  9. I just got the bag (used) that matches them and I have a fantastic dress I want to wear and these shoes would make the outfit PERFECT! I need them, I checked eBay and no luck. :cry:
  10. Wow those are nice!
  11. Those are sooo cute!
  12. Did you get the Amarene? That bag is gorgeous! I love these shoes too, too bad they sold out when I wanted a pair =( I can't buy shoes on eBay cause I like to try them on first. Sucks cause I don't have perfect feet like their models.
  13. Cute! I like!
  14. Hmm, are they the silk cherry blossoms from 2003? They are certainly lovely!

    Good luck!

  15. Oooo....very pretty
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