Need the white rabbit fur coach bag!!

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  1. they were on clearance at bloomies and Nordies a couple of months ago for ~200... doubt it's available anymore though. maybe outlets? i dont think that bag was very popular at all since it was on clearance everywhere.
  2. I bought from this seller once. They were awesome to deal with, and very communicative, and I got a great authentic Coach. The way I found her was by seeing another ebay user stealing all of her auction pics and using them in their auctions. I notified her, and I ended up buying one of her purses.
  3. Hm. Maybe I'll try ordering from them if they aren't at any outlets. The seller does have some odd negative feedback though. Thanks for the replies! Anyone else?
  4. Is this new ebay express any more authentic than ebay? Or is it the same.
  5. I saw some at the outlets and the Nordstrom outlet as well it was a great price and you get an addition 20% off. I bought the smaller one for $87.00 at the coach outlet like 3 months ago. Good luck!!
  6. Hi there!

    I actually bought the smaller chocolate brown fur Coach bag in March I believe. I bought it at Dillards for $80! (It was originally $360 or so). I've only used it once so far... mainly because it's a "winter" bag, but I'm very happy that i purchased it! I would check Ebay... I don't believe many fakes were made in those styles and if they were, they would be blatantly obvious fakes.

  7. Where do you live pursefanatic? Hopefully the outlets are close by to me!! And if you two got them for so cheap, I guess it's not worth spending 275+ on ebay! I'll look around thanks for the quick responses!
  8. I've actually seen it in stores at Macys this week! They had a couple left in white and a black as well. I wanted it but it was $200 ish and I know I wouldn't use it until winter. PM me if you want store details!
  9. Sent you a pm thanks! =)
  10. Macy's and Bloomies still have a couple
  11. willyg I live in Northern VA. But if you have a Nordstroms or coach outlet by you I think they should carry it as well.
  12. Read the rules!
  13. Yikes I know that I am a hypocrite b/c some of my bags are made out of leather, but the thought of rabbit fur repulses cruel! JMHO, though.
  14. ilia you got pms =)
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