Need the IT bag

  1. Hi there. I need some advice on a medium to large (by today's standards) handbag. Needs to go over the shoulder, some outside and inside pockets, tons of room, match my black jacket. My style is funky but I prefer purses to be a bit on the classier side. Any suggestions?
  2. Ysl Muse!!!!!
  3. Louis Vuitton Batignolles Horizontal
  4. Black leather Miu Miu Coffer. Inside pocket, very room interior, two LARGE outer pockets. Can be worn on the shoulder with the braided strap as well as the detachable strap. Can also be worn messenger style. It also looks cute carried in hand or dangling from arm. Another nice bag is the Chanel Ligne Cambon Multipocket Reporter. Roomy interior with two pen pockets, cell phone pocket and misc. inside pocket. It also has 4 outer pockets. Can be worn on the shoulder or carried in hand.

    There's my $0.02. Good luck and happy shopping!:smile:
  5. If you want a funky IT bag, check out Chanel's Coco Cabas, any size, any color or material.
  6. How about the Chloe Betty satchel, or hobo?
  7. YSL Muse from the it bags
  8. Chanel modern chain tote, east-west style. Comes in black, white, red....
  9. I think 2, 4, 5 or 10 as you flip through the photo collection might be a fit.

    Balenciaga is "funky by association", but a few of these are very structured and classy.

    I have some other ideas depending on your price range.
  10. YSL Muse!
  11. Jimmy choo Mahala is also a great choice
  12. Alexander McQueen Novak?
  13. How about a Marc Jacobs Multipocket or Blake? Both bags have tons of pockets (both inside and out), and these bags have been pretty permanent in the MJ collection, so relatively classic. Both come in various colors (and black) every season.

    (from Neiman Marcus)

    Multipocket (comes in different sizes)
    Picture from Bag, Borrow, and Steal
  14. GOOD suggestions but super pricey. What can I get for $300? I was at the Barney's outlet and they had a navy blue vinyl bag that was just money. I almost got it. I forgot to mention that I'm HORRIBLE about keeping nice things nice. My purse needs to be tough. And do I need to match my black coats with it?? How did I get so many black coats? I think I want a great color. Super partial to kelly green. Is that sad? Also, mandatory: a big zipper.
    Thanks for all the ideas. Keep 'em coming. I'm very certainly in the company of experts.